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Summer 2009 Newsletter

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Summer 2009 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends,

Time for the picnic baskets, beach blankets and fireworks! June 21st is
the first official day of Summer. Cucumbers and radishes are coming
into the garden and we have a delicious recipe for you. If you don’t
have a personal garden, most areas abound with local farmers markets
with many people using organic growing methods (but be sure to ask
Gurken Salat/ Rettich Salat (Cucumber Salad/Radish Salad)
* 1-2 large cucumbers (the smooth ones), peeled and sliced paper thin
 [or use 1-2 bunches of radishes (red, pink, and/or white), grated.
    Note: smaller radishes are less bitter]
* Equal parts apple cider vinegar, refined safflower oil (or olive), and
water. Use enough to make at least 1- 1 1/2 cups of liquid

* Salt (optional, to taste)

* ~ 1/2 tsp dried dill (omit for radishes)

* ~1/4-1/2 tsp sugar (you may choose to omit for radishes)

Toss in a bowl and serve. Tastes great cold!  Two cucumbers make 3-4
small servings. Makes a great summer lunch or side dish. And the
leftovers are even better!


Enjoy the bounty of Summer! 

From a Mother’s “Family Symptom Dairy”
May 2009
Four year old female:
For the last week, she has been markedly more domineering and insistent that she is right even when you prove to her that she is wrong (she still insists). She insists she is the teacher now and is going to
teach Papa the German words from her book (she makes most of them up and they actually “sound German”). She won’t collect the trash without a fight nor pick up her toys (both which she normally does).
She’s been taking toys away from the baby because she “wants them” or they are “hers.” She is also using the baby at her will, i.e. as her human baby doll putting him into all kinds of situations that he may not be agreeable to with no regard to his increasing protests- like putting
him into her doll-baby stroller, a pretend bed, two laundry baskets
made into a “cage”… Oh yeah, the daily struggle to get her into
something acceptable to wear has just reached “rebellious teenager
status” and the changing into 3-4 different outfits per day has
Playing on the playground is interesting to watch- this normally domineering, stand up for yourself kind of girl is – surprise – AFRAID of boys! She now runs (quickly!) away from them! Now, yes, I realize this is
actually a valuable symptom in some respects, but, c’mon!
Meal time? “I don’t want — (insert mealtime)! I just want a snack!”
followed by tears. Suddenly, she no longer eats chicken unless made
into “chicken pox” (breaded chicken tenders). Kale and spinach, which she normally will eat have turned into “I don’t like the color green!”
Naptime? What’s that? Up ‘til now, I could count on 2-3 naps per week
and if she wouldn’t sleep, she’d at least stay in her bed for an hour
in “quiet time” reading.
Notes: The usual remedies, Pulsatilla alternating with Lycopodium, aren’t making much of a dent lately.


7 1/2 month old, male: This normally quiet, unobtrusive, always-has-a-smile-for-you baby in the last week has become fussy, unable to be satisfied in an activity and ultimately needs you to hold him- but that isn’t good enough either cause then he wants to play.
He refuses to eat the amounts of the solid foods that he normally eats and now he vomits/spits up large amounts after most every meal, especially when you give something new. Right now he only successfully is eating plain yogurt, applesauce and rice cereal.
Naptimes? Well, they have gone from two, 2-3 hour naps per day to “maybe I’ll sleep for a few minutes, if you’re lucky. I’m going lay here and cry and fuss until you get me because I can’t occupy myself.”
Notes: The usual remedy, Pulsatilla, just isn’t doing much.
I’m a mess, too, for the last week. Hormonal crashes, hot flashes,
weepy, cold, no energy and weak feeling, gallbladder inflammation (gone to bed twice, now convinced I had liver or gallbladder cancer), strange dreams that won’t go away when I wake up, all over “blah” feeling, and my cravings are all over the place but especially for cream, yogurt, cheese, spicy and juice.
Did Imention that I’m very passionate about everything and can’t let go of these hyped up emotions quickly? And don’t be the driver when I’m the passenger, because you and I will be a wreck when we stop!
Notes: Sepia, Pulsatilla and Chelidonium haven’t done their usual job for me this week either.
I’m desperate and ask Manfred for an early appointment for us. In a matter of minutes of me jumping around and reporting everyone’s symptoms, he flatly asks, “have you been taking Carcinosin and giving it to the kids every night?”
“Well, not routinely. We didn’t take it for 3 of 4 days and then for 2 nights
we took it past 1am in the morning (we usually take it by 11pm) and
then I realized it had been out of date (we can only take it for 9 days
before we notice aggravations). I don’t know about several other
nights. And last night, we didn’t take it, again, because I was dealing
with these acute gallbladder symptoms and forgot to administer it…”
“Say no more,” “he says in that I-have-it-and-I-know-exactly-what-you-need-to-do-now tone. “Go and take Carcinosin right now and give it to the children.”
“What? Carcinosin? I just gave you, like, 100 unrelated symptoms and you come up with Carcinosin? Besides, we’ve been taking it regularly for years now. Why would we become so aggravated after just a week off?” Aren’t you reaching at this one, I thought.
Manfred’s explanation:“Unfortunately, we live in world with nearly constant exposure to carcinogenic influences. The poisoned and irradiated body quickly takes on the symptoms of the cancer dyscrasia. The symptom picture you have described is indicative of this peculiar derangement of the vital force. Almost everybody gets it now, especially children. And almost everybody would benefit from taking daily doses of Carcinosin in the Q-potency, individualized for their particular sensitivity to that remedy. I think Carcinosin also has good chance of preventing cancer, but undoubtedly it will make life so much easier.”
I smugly mixed and dispensed it to three resistant patients and, boy, WHAT A RELIEF. It took three days of regular nightly doses before we felt completely back to “normal.” But I learned a big lesson about Carcinosin and how far reaching it is. Sure, we all have other remedies that cover the health issues we are dealing with, but Carcinosin – in my motherly opinion- “makes the world go round!”
Three cheers for Carcinosin!
And three cheers for our very observant homeopath,
“Dr.”, “Mr.”, “Papa”, or “Manfred” Mueller


Listen to an Interview of Manfred Mueller
by Alan Smith (Unbreak Your Health)
on homeopathy in the US today,

including history of homeopathy:

Some of the headlines of interest from the last 2 months:
 Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

DHS Document Lists “Alternative Media” As Potential Terrorists

Comment: Who is next? Alternative practitioners? Anti-vaccinators? Organic farmers? Vegans?
Census GPS-tagging your home’s front door
Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation
Comment: Preparing for everyone being a terrorist?
‘Wi-fi networks must be removed from schools to stop children getting cancer,’ teachers insist
Too much TV may impair the verbal abilities of children.
Prostate cancer over-diagnosed with PSA test
Comment: We’ve been saying this all along. Same goes for breast cancer with x-ray diagnosis. 
New Study of Splenda Reveals Shocking Information About Potential Harmful Effects
Just for fun:
Two guys, one guitar, and Mozart
Ten year old whistling champ
Taylor Ware can yodel!
(the link didn’t work when we sent this out before)
Best of health!
Manfred and Christina
Homeopathic Associates
Homeopathic Associates


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