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Healing the Sting of Cupid’s Arrow: How Homeopathy Can Help

Not everyone is happy on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes relationships come to a sudden end, feelings can get hurt, hearts may break. Read on for some homeopathic (alternative health) solutions…


  1. For sadness resulting from romantic disappoints and for ailments from love-sickness, try Ignatia amara.
  2. When you have been slighted or rejected by a romantic “hopeful”, a dose of Palladium may set you straight.
  3. When you are “in the dumps,” lonely or feeling forsaken by your friends, Pulsatilla may come in handy.
  4. When a relationship becomes rocky and you feel a sense of anger or mortification by something your loved one has said or done, a dose of Staphysagria may work better than a stiff drink!
  5. If you have been out of “the dating game” for too long because you have never gotten over your last relationship, Natrum muriaticum may give you a new lease on life.
  6. For those who have tragically lost their true love and may even feel like joining them (suicidal), Aurum metallicum can heal their wounds.


As you can see, homeopathy has a specific remedy for each of these circumstances and the varied emotions these situations bring with them. Conventional medicine would probably prescribe antidepressants (i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRI’s) to suppress unpleasant, but real feelings. SSRI’s work by flooding the brain with the “feel good” neurotransmitter serotonin creating a false “high”.

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Uh Oh! He swallowed a Quarter! How homeopathy helped ease a child’s crisis

Has your child ever swallowed a foreign object? Chances are, the answer is yes! Perhaps it was a coin, a marble, a toy, a paperclip, a magnet, a battery, or a pen cap. Hopefully, there were no problems, and the object came out as it should. I would like to share with you what happened when our 3½-year-old boy swallowed a quarter and how we used homeopathy to help.


Some background

When a child swallows a foreign object, the first concern is whether the object will safely go down the esophagus—or get stuck in the airway, which can be life-threatening. Our son Fritz had been putting random things in his mouth since babyhood—usually a toy, the corner of a book, a spoon, his fingers, your fingers! But on this day, he’d found a quarter lying on the floor and was mouthing it. I had caught him doing this several times in the past with smaller coins, and I had immediately taken them from him. I had also tried to “educate” him about not putting coins and metal in his mouth. He had never swallowed any of these things before though, so I wasn’t overly concerned.


Then it happened…

I was downstairs folding laundry when I heard our 8-year-old daughter’s blood-curdling scream, “MOOOMMM! Fritz has swallowed a quarter!!!” I immediately jumped up knowing that a quarter is fairly large for a 3-year-old to swallow. My first thoughts were to make sure he was breathing. Well, he was. In fact, he was walking down the stairs as I was coming up to him. I could hear swallowing and gulping sounds in addition to little wincing noises—the quarter was apparently stuck in the back of his throat. Read more

Homeopathic Treatment for Braces Pain

Many years ago, I, too, fell prey to the promise that orthodontic science could give me a beautiful new smile. During my high-school years, I was fitted with a mouth-full of lovely metal braces. Back then, the only option my orthodontist gave me was metal brackets mounted on the front of my teeth…and let’s not talk about rubber bands, spacers, expanders and retainers!

A Pain In The…Face!

These days, there are many more options to move those pearly-whites into a more pleasing alignment. No matter what kind you get – braces, retainers, “invis-align”, etc, – teeth repositioning can be very painful.

When my orthodontist first installed my braces, my teeth were terribly sore. This soreness is caused by an inflammatory response by your body to a perceived trauma, i.e. unnaturally moving your teeth with braces. My teeth became so sore that I could barely swallow liquids the first day after installation. I was unable to brush my teeth for several days and was on a liquid diet for almost a week! Every “adjustment” (where they tighten your braces) caused enough pain for me to resort to taking painkillers like Tylenol (Acetaminophen, Paracetamol) and Motrin (Ibuprofen). Read more

Homeopathy for Anxiety, Electric Shock Pains and More


My mother in law was having electric shock-like pains shooting up her hand near the root of her thumb. She was also really worried about money and was waking up early in the morning with anxious worried dreams… usually around 5 am or so.

My husband and I have always loved homeopathy and we decided to hit the books first before we called for an appointment. I found what looked like a good match to her symptoms in the homeopathic remedy Conium. I happened to have some in the 30C potency so I mixed one pellet into a ½ oz bottle with distilled water and she had a little sniff before bed for a couple of nights… the first night, she said she woke up at the same time, but went right back to sleep, and has been sleeping through the morning since. AND the pain has all but disappeared in her hands! Three cheers for homeopathy!

Nashville, TN

Pinched Nerve Resolved with Homeopathy

Recently, Manfred and I took our four children to a nearby pond to feed the fish with the few pieces of stale bread. Of course, a few pieces is never enough for little ones…I suggested they throw rocks in the pond as they’d cause a nice “ker-plunk” yielding just as much entertainment value. Our crying 3 ½ year old boy, M, wouldn’t believe me until he tested my theory and found it to be acceptable. I guess some nuts don’t fall far from the tree! I even showed the children how to skip rocks across the pond…well, I had the idea that I would show them…it was really Manfred who had all the skill that day!

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Common Acute Homeopathic Remedies to Keep on Hand

By Christina Mueller

We keep a few commonly used acute remedies prepared in liquid in 30C potencies in our metal remedy box***. We remix new remedies every 2-3 months to make sure they are fresh and still active:

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Suspected urinary tract infection in two year old resolved with Cantharis

By Christina Mueller

In our family, Mom is the primary prescriber for day-to-day ails. Accidents, injuries, stings and bites, teething, temper tantrums, jealousy, anger, etc. That is, unless I am stumped as to what to prescribe or how to assess and have to ask for an acute consultation with my husband – which usually means speaking to the “doctor” on his way to the bathroom or over lunch (you know what they say about the cobbler’s children…).

Back in December 2010, our then 26 month old son, M, who was not yet speaking in full sentences, and who has difficulty pronouncing some words, woke up in the middle of the night (which is very rare) and was whimpering. I got him up, hugged him, gave him some water and put him back to bed. Then I went to the bathroom, took a dose of Kali bichromicum 30C in water (my sinuses were dry and stopped up) and got back into bed.

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Believe Or Not Believe, THAT is the Question – Athletes Foot Cure

Several weeks ago, my husband began complaining that his “athletics’ foot” had flared up again.  Even though I know that you do NOT have to be an athlete to get this malady, just the idea of him and athlete in the same sentence made me laugh.  However if they were to ever rename it, “arm chair quarterback” foot, he is a champ!

But back to my story.  He started treating himself with several over-the-counter athletes foot creams and sprays, such as Lamisil, Tinactin and Lotrimin, only to notice that the problem seemed to be getting worse.  I finally agreed to look at it ONLY if he agreed to let me treat it MY way for a while since his way was not working.

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Remedies to Cope With the Holidays

(reprinted from our December 2011 Newsletter)

Family Time is Fun Time

Christmas is a big family get together time for us, as it must be for many of you, too. Get-togethers can also mean a few headaches, stomach aches and more. So here are a few remedies to keep in mind to help you through the festivities.

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Tips For Keeping Up Your Resistance To Infectious Diseases

These are some tips from Mr. Mueller’s 30+ years of homeopathic study and practice, and more than 200 years of clinical experience and observation by homeopaths from around the world:

1. HEALTH AND DISEASE ARE “ENERGETIC” STATES. Our bodies are regulated and kept in perfect harmony by bio-electromagnetic fields permeating cells and tissues. The body’s energy field is susceptible to contact with outside energetic fields.

For example, physicists have shown that the direction of spin of electromagnetic charges in vacuum determines whether or not exposure to these charges will be beneficial or harmful to health. Other scientists are working on the “memory of water” and have been able to prove that water molecules can take on the vibrational frequency (for better or worse) of things around them. Similarly, we “catch” colds or other communicable disease when our body’s bio-energetic field is too weak to resist the alien electromagnetic frequency of the virus.

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