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Fee Schedule


What services do you offer?

We offer expert consultations in homeopathic healing so that you will have all the information you need to treat yourself and your family homeopathically. All of our consultations are done via telephone. We offer a variety of consultation types to meet your needs:


Improve Self Esteem with homeopathy

Adult Complete Health Evaluation

For those with more long-standing complaints, this option lasts about 1 1/2 hours. It includes an evaluation of all long-standing chronic conditions, a review of symptoms & current complaints, research into past treatments, a review of diagnostic information & medical records, and the development of a treatment plan tailored to you and your specific situation. In some cases, additional research time by the practitioner will be needed – there is no additional charge for this.

  • The fee is $695 USD for those over age 18.



homeopathy for behavioral issues

Child Complete Health Evaluation

The same as for the Adult Complete Health Evaluation, lasting about 1 hour.

  • The fee is $595 USD for those ages 0-17.



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Re-Uptake Health Evaluation

For those who have already had a Complete Health Evaluation with us in the past, but have not had a follow-up consultation for more than 2 years. This appointment will last about 1 hour.

  • The fee is $300 USD for all ages.


homeopathy improves health

Follow-Up Consultations

Changes can happen fast! After your initial consultation, regular follow up calls are done to put you on the road to wellness. Homeopathic treatment needs to be evaluated by an expert. After all, this is what a homeopath is trained for! We look at big changes, small changes, any lack of progress and other important guide posts. Your individual treatment plan can be adjusted during these calls which last up to 30 minutes.

  • The fee is $125 USD for all ages.


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Urgent Care Consultations, Established Clients

We all get sick, have accidents, injuries, need surgery, etc. Homeopathy can be a real life saver, shortening your healing time and getting you back on your feet much faster. Homeopathic remedies are even effective for pain relief! For established clients, you can call the office and schedule an Acute (or Urgent Care) Appointment. We do our best to fit these appointments in ASAP.

  • The fee is $125 USD for all ages, including up to four – 10 minute follow-up calls at no charge.


homeopathic treatment broken bone

Urgent Care Consultation, New Clients

For those who are not already established clients, this 30+ minute consultation is for those having an immediate need for treatment for a short-term acute condition, such as an injury or an infection. A brief history and evaluation will be done in addition to taking the symptoms of your current complaint. (If you are already an established client, an urgent care consult is the same price as a follow up consult.)

  • The fee is $425 USD, including up to four – 10 minute follow-up calls at no charge.


alternative treatment for pets

Complete Pet or Livestock Health Evaluations

Initial Consultations for your pet or livestock last up to 30 minutes.

  • The fee is $210 USD for domesticated or livestock animals.



Animals Healing Homeopathy

Pet Follow-Up Consultations

Pet follow up consults last 15 minutes.

  • The fee is $90 USD for any animal.


Homeopathic Immunizations

Homeopathic Immunization Consultation

For those who are not already established clients, this 30 minute consultation is for anyone who wishes to use homeopathic immunizations, (homeoprophylaxis) for themselves or a family member. This consultation is necessary to evaluate preexisting  health status, sensitivity and individual dosage to be used for self treatment with homeopathic immunizations. Homeopathic remedies are billed separately.

  • The one time fee is $195 USD. Homeopathic Remedies are not included in the cost.



Remedy Preparation Services

Years of care and study go into the selection and preparation of homeopathic remedies, even in the selection of pharmacies with which we replenish our supplies. We offer remedy preparation services for existing clients.

  • The fee for homeopathic remedies is $21 – $24 USD per remedy. Other medicaments or supplies are priced separately.


homeopathic appointment

Cancellation Policy | Missed Appointment Fee

Requests for cancellation for Initial Consultations must be made via telephone at least 5 business days before the scheduled appointment. Requests for cancellation of follow-up appointments must be made via telephone at least 2 business days before the scheduled appointment. All missed appointments will be charged the full price of the appointment which was missed. All appointments are made in United States Eastern Standard Time Zone, and business days are Monday through Friday.



The fee schedule was last updated February 1, 2017. Prices subject to change without notice.