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Dental Gum Pockets Healed – Homeopathy

“Finally, I just talked to the gal who does my dental cleaning because I wanted to be sure that all of my info is completely accurate. So, here it goes:

For the past year or more, my gum pockets had started getting worse (normal range is between 1-3) and I had 4 teeth that were measured at a number 4 and 1 was a number 5.  If this had continued, I would have had to have a procedure to scrape the tooth root and tighten the gum tissue that holds my teeth.  I started using diluted Calendula Mother Tincture as a mouthwash 5 months before my last dental appointment (I have these appointments for cleaning, etc., every 6 months) and my dental hygienist gal was pleasantly surprised with my clean mouth.

Two of my number 4 dental pockets had gone to a number 3, and my tarter buildup was practically nothing !!  I still have some pockets that need attention, but I am sure that by my next dental appt’m, that the others will be much better, also.  Thank you for “Homeopathic mouth wash magic” and especially, for Mr. Mueller and his excellent staff.

Thanks again for all you do.”

Ta-ta, Miss Kitty

Southern Pines, NC

alternative treatment for dental issues

Office Note

Many of our clients use a device similar to this one , this one or this one to inject the Calendula mouthwash deeper below their gum line and to help flush out more food scraps between their teeth.



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Office Staff

Posted by one of Mr. Mueller's friendly office professionals.


Madhvi David

I have aggressive periodontitis and 3 shaking teeth which medicine should I take.
Thank you

Christina Mueller

This sounds like a great case for homeopathy and nutritional supplementation. Here is the link to sign up for treatment. We work over the phone if you cannot find a local homeopath. Get Started with Treatment

Best of health to you!

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