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Generation X´d Out

The term “Generation X-ray” refers to youth addicted to communicating and recreating with wireless devices-cell phones, PDAs, WiFi computers and music/gaming equipment.

alzheimers arteriosclerosis birth defects cancer cell phone danger diabetes DNA damage MS Parkinson´s pregnancy research ultrasound wifi & cellphone exposure x-ray radiation

Hep-C virus to kill liver cancer cells

“Hep C 30 decreased the levels of two cancer biomarker enzymes — telomerase and topoisomerase II — in the liver cancer cells, suggesting that this drug could potentially be used to alleviate liver cancer,”

Hepatitis C virus homeopathic research Liver cancer

Extreme sensitivity of gene expression in human SH-SY5Y neurocytes to ultra-low doses of Gelsemium sempervirens

The study shows that Gelsemium s., a medicinal plant used in traditional remedies and homeopathy, modulates a series of genes involved in neuronal function. A small, but statistically significant, response was detected even to very low doses/high dilutions (up to 30c), indicating that the human neurocyte genome is extremely sensitive to this regulation.

Gelsemium sempervirens homeopathic dilutions homeopathic research human neurocyte genome neuroblastoma

Seizure Disorders in Children

The author discusses three cases of children with organic brain pathology, apparently cured of seizures with homeopathic treatment. Two had severe cerebral palsy (CP) caused by perinatal brain injury, and one had congenital microcephaly. Parents tried homeopathic treatment because of limited efficacy of conventional anticonvulsive therapy and because of adverse health and developmental effects. Homeopathic treatment removed the seizure disorders in all three cases.


Generation X-Ray

The obsessive-compulsive effect of cell phones on teens and tweens clearly demonstrates that wireless devices are both physically and emotionally enslaving. Capitalizing on the addictive nature of wireless technology, the communications industry is “hooking” our kids on wireless devices at a fevered pitch.

cell phone danger microwave radiation non-ionizing radiation wifi & cellphone exposure