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For your convenience, we offer this archive of our previous newsletters. Look under each title for a list of keywords/topics covered in that newsletter. Sign up to receive our newsletters by filling our your information in the form at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

All Homeopathic Immunizations Newsletters

March 2017 Newsletter

Hormones; DNA Damage; Alternative/Homeopathic treatment for Endometriosis; Homeopathic Acute Prescribing

allergies arsenic poisoning chronic sinusitis endometriosis enlarged uterus gene expression headaches homeopathic research hormonal imbalance mood swings pelvic pain

February 2017 Newsletter

Thanks; Crohns disease; Alcoholism; Endometriosis; Heart Break

alcoholism anger broken heart crohn's disease forsaken feeling homeopathic research love-sickness matter & homeopathy mechanism of homeopathy rejection sadness

January 2017 Newsletter

“Cat”aclysm; New Homeopathic Research; The Mueller Method of Homeopathy

gene expression homeopathic research matter & homeopathy pets Quantum electrodynamics The Mueller Method webinar

December 2016 Newsletter

Depression; 30yrs in Practice; Biological Effects of Homeopathy; Remedies & Flying

biological effects depression drug disorders drug side effects emotional healing flying with remedies grief homeopathic research psoriasis traveling with remedies

November 2016 Newsletter

Mercury Toxicity; Homeopathy & Human Genome; Insomnia; Treating Symptoms

arnica montana chlorella & chelation Cilantro gene expression giving thanks high blood pressure / hypertension homeopathic research homeopathic treatment of thyroid cancer hormonal imbalance insomnia kidney problems mercury toxicity symptomatic treatment

October 2016 Newsletter

Migraines; DNA Affects & Homeopathy; Homeopathy 4 Cancer

alternative cancer treatment alternative migraine treatment gene expression homeopathic cancer treatment homeopathic research

August 2016 Newsletter

Cellphones; Insurance; homeopathic research on Endometriosis & Cysts; Wild Crafting Herbs

cell phone danger endometriosis gripping sensation homeopathic research ovarian cysts wifi & cellphone exposure wild crafting

July 2016 Newsletter

Confession; Homeopathy for Infectious Diseases; Homeopathy 4 Summer

Anxiety bruises critical exhaustion overwork feeling judged food cravings homeopathic immunization/homeoprophylaxis homeopathic research ionizing/nuclear radiation microwave radiation non-ionizing radiation sleep / sleep patterns sunburns toxins traumatic brain injury / concussion whiplash

Early June 2016 Newsletter

Hering’s Law of Cure; Testimonial “Maturity through Homeopathic treatment”; Homeopathy has anti-cancer effect on liver cancer; Homeopathic drugs modify gene expression in cervical cancer cells; Article on Cancer Predisposition (diathesis)

alternative cancer treatments appendicitis AR Khuda-Bukhsh cervical cancer Emotional Maturity gene expression Hering's Law homeopathic research Liver cancer

Late May 2016 Newsletter

Conflicted feelings about Homeopathy; Homeopathy for Alcoholism; Homeopathy for Binge Eating and Eating Disorders; Homeopathy as First Response Medicine

alcoholism binge eating/bulimia conflicted feelings eating disorders homeopathic research PMS sports medicine

Late April 2016 Newsletter

Homeopathy is Green Medicine; homeopathic cure of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis & Sports Injuries, homeopathic research

chronic sinusitis green medicine obsessive compulsive disorder sinus problems sinus troubles sports injuries

Early April 2016 Newsletter

Dental Pockets Cured; Homeopathy is Better than Placebo! The Hahnemann Train Dedication; Chalazion cured with homeopathy

chalazion/stye Cinchona dental pockets homeopathic research homeopathy better than placebo WHAW