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Welcome to Homeopathic Associates
the telephone Clinic of
Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Homeopathy is an alternative form of health care that's been practiced worldwide for over 200 years. Homeopathy uses low doses of natural medicines to restore health. The medicines are FDA approved & have no side effects.
Clinical effectiveness is verified by scientific studies. Homeopathy can be used alone or together with other treatments. It may be the health care solution you've been looking for!

"The Mueller Method" , or EXTRA STRENGTH HOMEOPATHY (as we like to call it!) is a comprehensive and aggressive approach to homeopathic treatment. It can reverse the damage done by drugs, vaccines, medical procedures, occupational & environmental poisons and more. The Mueller Method stimulates multiple mechanisms within the body to restore itself back to health.

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If you are unsure about whether homeopathy is the right health care choice for you and your loved ones,
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Immune System Boosted

I’ve realized that since I’ve been under homeopathic treatment, which by the way is working for my problems, my immune system has so much improved in general. For the past 4 years, I’ve not gotten my usual colds and flus, which I would have several times a year and every fall and winter.

In the past 3 years, I’ve only gotten sick only once and that was after I went to the dentist and he insisted on giving me multiple x-rays. I had no idea how sick that could make you! Mr. Mueller gave me a clearing remedy for x-ray and boy, I felt SO much better. I feel like my immune system is in top shape now!


Colon Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) Cured with Homeopathy

I am from the Ukraine and used natural and herbal treatments my whole life. There was no medicine in Ukraine after war and we only had herbs. At 63 years old, I diagnosed with colon cancer. I didn’t want chemotherapy drugs or radiotherapy that my doctors told me to take. They did not respect my choice to only have surgery. I felt this was only way.

It was months later and I still in chronic pain where they did the surgery. My son he was very worried and begged me to call his homeopath. His homeopath (Mr. Mueller) had helped him and cured his allergies and stomach problems. I agreed and began treatment.

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Albert And The Angry Bees


About 10:00 in the morning Albert was attacked by 8-10 “mad” honey-bees, which crawled under his pants and shirt, in the school playground.

Day 1

Morning symptoms: he had about 8 stings (6 on right shoulder and 2 on inside of right leg/ groin) that looked just like mosquito bites

Afternoon symptoms: Spots on shoulder getting bigger, red and puffy/ about one inch in each. He had a spot on his right leg where 2 of the stings were coming together, of about 3 x 5 inches; raised, cloudy, puffy and had a white outline, a purple spot right in the middle/eyes sunken/ dark brown rings under eyes

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