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Welcome to Homeopathic Associates
the Telephone Clinic of
Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Homeopathy is an alternative form of health care that's been practiced worldwide for over 200 years.
Homeopathy uses low doses of natural medicines to restore health. The medicines are FDA approved & have no side effects.
Clinical effectiveness is verified by scientific studies. Homeopathy can be used alone or together with other treatments.
It just might be the health care solution you've been looking for!

"The Mueller Method" , or EXTRA STRENGTH HOMEOPATHY (as we like to call it!) is a comprehensive and aggressive approach to homeopathic treatment. It can reverse the damage done by drugs, vaccines, medical procedures, occupational & environmental poisons and more. The Mueller Method stimulates multiple mechanisms within the body to restore itself back to health.

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If you are unsure about whether homeopathy is the right health care choice for you and your loved ones,
click here or give us a call to request your free 15 minute consult with Mr. Mueller.

Our homeopathic telephone clinic can save you time and money!

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Burn From Tailpipe Of A Car

Two days ago, my seven-year-old son wrapped his hand around a hot tailpipe of a car. He was in a LOT of pain, and acutely injured. When he came inside to apply tepid water to the burns, all four fingers were swelling, and beginning to blister.  The top of his hand had a line of blisters beginning to form, and most acutely the area between his thumb and index finger was charred. His pinkie showed a charred burn.

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Fear of cancer; anger; joint pain and more

Miss Kitty showing off her flexibility

Yep, that’s me at age 66 and happily, still kicking just as high, thanks to Mr. Mueller and the amazing benefits of his Homeopathy program.

Almost 15 years ago, when I first walked into his office, every joint in my body was hurting.  Every Fall and Spring I developed bronchitis along with many bad colds and flus; plus, I had deep anger and resentment  from the death of my much younger brother from cancer plus both parents death (cancer plus other problems) and in a nut shell, I was a mess. Read more

Homeopathic treatment for hormonal imbalance

“Dr. Mueller’s homeopathic treatments have regulated my hormones so that I no longer suffer from mood swings, irregular periods, ovarian cysts or an enlarged uterus. I also no longer have sinus headaches or allergies. My quality of life has improved immensely!”


Dr. Jill T

Kent, Ohio, USA

Homeopathic treatment for hormonal imbalance