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Consultation Types

The type of consultation you will have depend on the type(s) of conditions to be assessed:

Urgent Care Initial Consultations
Chronic Initial Consultations
Integrative Consultations
Helpful Hints

What To Expect During Treatment

Less Is More

Homeopathy is the “other medicine.” It is a scientific approach using micro-doses of drugs to bring about permanent cures without harm. Rather than merely suppressing the symptoms, homeopathy activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Often, the homeopath “works himself out of the job!”

Treatment As Individual As You

Homeopathic medicines are selected on an individual basis for each case of a disorder. To a homeopath, there’s no “one size fits all” medicine or dosing. Two people with the same disorder may need different homeopathic medicines on different dosing schedules because they have different symptoms and sensitivities.

Miracle Pills?

Homeopathy can sometimes cure disorders even when conventional medicine has no cure. Conventional medicine can often only alleviate the symptoms with palliative and suppressive drugs, surgeries and procedures, but the underlying condition will remain indefinitely.


Acute Vs. Chronic Disorders

Acute disorders are new, self-limiting diseases of short duration. Homeopathy can assist in the healing of acute illnesses and speed up the recovery. For example, a poison ivy or influenza outbreak may resolve in 2-3 days with treatment instead of 1-2 weeks without. In most cases, antibiotics or other drugs can be avoided with proper homeopathic treatment.


But Is It Scientific?

Homeopathy, while it may seem miraculous in its effects, is based on solid scientific principles. Multiple peer-reviewed studies attest to its efficacy and safety.


What’s Involved In Treatment?

In acute conditions, recovery begins with the first dose of a properly selected remedy. Homeopathic treatment has the capacity to significantly reduce the recover time in virtually all acute conditions. Whether it is an injury or a fever, homeopathic treatment can speed up the healing process safely, without side effects.


What is health?

The healthy body keeps itself in perfect balance thanks in part to its internal regulatory system. This regulatory system makes use of built-in repair mechanisms that constantly restore the body back to health. A vital part of the natural healing process is “feeling sick.” When we are injured, under stress or come in harms way, our body warns us by giving us “symptoms of sickness.”


My body has a “warning light”?

Feeling sick can be compared to the oil light on a car engine. When the light is on, we know the engine needs to be serviced. Most conventional medical treatment aims at removing that warning light – your symptoms of illness! Modern drugs temporarily disable the warning signs by suppressing symptoms of the disorder. But suppressing those warning signs of illness does not heal the underlying disorder – it merely removes the warning light!

What happens when you disable the warning light? The engine runs out of oil and is damaged forever! What happens when you are medicated? You disable the body’s repair mechanisms and the original condition actually gets worse. And you may develop further complications, so-called chronic disorders and permanent disabilities.  To make things worse, you are stuck with the side effects from the medication. These side effects are actually new disorders caused by the medication. These disorder can remain in place indefinitely, even after the medication has been discontinued.


I have another option?

There is another method of treatment that uses your symptoms to boost your natural healing process – it’s called homeopathy. Each dose of a homeopathic remedy strengthens the body’s self repair mechanisms. Over time, homeopathic treatment can remove the underlying disorder, including the suppression from the drugs taken.

And homeopathy does not leave a trace. This is because it uses minutes doses of medicines. Homeopathic treatment is a safe & effective way to remove sickness & restore health – without disabling those warning lights and without those unwanted & damaging side effects and permanent chronic complications!


homeopathy works

What can homeopathic treatment do for me?

  • Free you from chronic conditions while gently restoring you back to health
  • Remove acute and longstanding chronic disorders safely and permanently
  • heal mental, emotional and physical disorders
  • Improve your concentration, cognitive function & memory
  • Increase your energy and stamina, & help you sleep better
  • Enhance your relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • Give you resilience against life’s challenges and stresses
  • Boost your resistance against infectious diseases & help you recover from diseases quicker
  • Remove tendencies to addiction, alcoholism, worry, stress & anxiety
  • Improve your digestion & absorption of nutrients
  • Create calm, happy, healthy children who reach their milestones with ease
  • Benefit you in so many other tangible and intangible ways!


Read and watch first hand testimonials from our clients about their recoveries from all kind of disorders . You may also wish to visit our page on “Conditions Treatable with Homeopathy”.


Homeopathic Consultations


Our practitioners draw upon a life-time of experience and apply many criteria aimed at developing a personalized treatment plan: homeopathic training, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiolgoy, knowledge of drug side-effects, knowledge of environmental and occupational causes of diseases, oral chelation protocols for mercury and other heavy metals, dietary regimens, and more, all play a part in the clients’ path back to better health.



Only A Phone Call Away

We exclusively offer homeopathic consultations by phone. Whether you suffer from a sudden acute illness or a long-standing chronic condition, you can  attain the service of a homeopathic health care expert from the comfort of your home, office, car, truck, yacht, airplane, or wherever in the world you are!


Free 15 Minute Q&A

If you have questions about homeopathic treatment for your condition or specific symptoms, Mr. Mueller will be happy to speak with you for up to 15 minutes AT NO CHARGE to help you decide if homeopathic treatment, or his services, are right for you.

homeopathy has solutions to health problems


Mr. Mueller specializes in advanced methods of homeopathic treatment for adults, children, pets, livestock and plants – for any type of disorder, acute or chronic. He is an expert on oral chelation of mercury and heavy metals; on chronic infections; on antidoting and treating disorders caused by medical treatments, pharmaceutical drugs, occupational and environmental poisons; neurological conditions & brain injuries; strange, rare & peculiar illnesses of uncertain cause (idiopathic); cancers of all types and more.
The Mueller Method” of homeopathy has been compared to C.E.A.S.E. Therapy  (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression), however, The Mueller Method is a more extensive homeopathic approach.

Office Staff

Our staff is happy to help answer your questions, schedule consultations, prepare remedies in the proper potency and dose for your case, and/or assist you with any administrative tasks. Our Clinical Assistants are experts in The Mueller Method and help Mr. Mueller by taking acute/emergency consultations and other cases.

Let’s Get Started!

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