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Natural Treatment for Burns

Two days ago, my seven-year-old son wrapped his hand around a hot tailpipe of a car. He was in a LOT of pain, and acutely injured. When he came inside to apply tepid water to the burns, all four fingers were swelling, and beginning to blister.  The top of his hand had a line of blisters beginning to form, and most acutely the area between his thumb and index finger was charred. His pinkie showed a charred burn.


As I watched his hand swell, I made the decision to go to the hospital if the blisters erupted, or if the hand became bloody. I was already packing up the car in my mind. He was out of his mind in pain and yowling.

I gave him 30C Aconite immediately. I then dissolved a dose of Cantharis 30C in water and began administering it every fifteen minutes. The hand stopped swelling, the pain subsided, and the blisters lowered. After one hour he told me he wanted to take the hand out of the water. I dressed the hand in aloe and clean bandages. I gave him ten doses of Cantharis 30C dissolved in water.


After two hours, my son was digging in the garden, and he received two additional doses of Cantharis 31C. The next day there was no blisters, no charred flesh, no swelling and no pain. He is completely recovered.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have discounted the whole thing. My neighbor was present and called it “magic.”

I am convinced that without the homeopathic doses, we would have faced a serious situation.

Jennifer Yanover
West Bloomfield, MI

Natural Treatment for Burns

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