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Lennox-Gastaut Seizures Cured in Child with Cerebral Palsy

This is a live testimonial given in front of a class of medical school students at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Program on Integrative Medicine Course in 1999.

Lennox-Gastaut Seizure Disorder Cured with Homeopathy, Part 1

Lennox-Gastaut Seizure Disorder Cured with Homeopathy, Part 2

Keywords: cerebral palsy, cp, birth injury, birth trauma, brain swelling, seizures in children, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, childhood-onset epilepsy, depakote, lorazepam, tegretol, dilantin, seizure medication, antiepileptic drugs (AED), profound brain damage

Virginia, USA


Fear of cancer; anger; joint pain and more

Miss Kitty showing off her flexibility

Yep, that’s me at age 66 and happily, still kicking just as high, thanks to Mr. Mueller and the amazing benefits of his Homeopathy program.

Almost 15 years ago, when I first walked into his office, every joint in my body was hurting.  Every Fall and Spring I developed bronchitis along with many bad colds and flus; plus, I had deep anger and resentment  from the death of my much younger brother from cancer plus both parents death (cancer plus other problems) and in a nut shell, I was a mess. Read more

Minimal Change Disease (Nephrotic Syndrome)

This is a live testimonial given in front of a class of medical school students at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Program on Integrative Medicine Course in 2001.

Minimal Change Disease- Nephrotic Syndrome Testimonial, Part 1

Minimal Change Disease – Nephrotic Syndrome Testimonial, Part 2

Keywords: prednisone, cortisone therapy, nephrotic syndrome, Nil Lesions, Nil Disease, lipoid nephrosis, proteinuria (leakage of protein into the urine) and edema (water retention), hypercholesterolemia


Serious Conditions Resolved with Homeopathy

Acute/Emergency Cases

I think it is worth mentioning that in each of these cases, the family had a Homeopathic Emergency Kit at their home (or nearby at a neighbor’s house). As a practitioner working with acute and emergency calls, I find that having a homeopathic kit in each household is a must.

  • 10 year old girl, with intense pain that is worse from pressure in right hypochondrium; she is very thirsty, lethargic and irritable. She has had constipation for several days. She had eaten a strange sausage at her grandfather’s house, and was at the beach where she had swallowed sea water. She was nauseous and had cramps in her belly. An MD had prescribed suppositories. After several days the situation had gotten more and more serious. Liver enzymes were normal but a test found elevated bilirubin count. Stool was light-colored, patient was lethargic, lightheaded and unable to eat.  The MD diagnosed obstruction of small intestines. The mother now called the homeopath, who had, eight years ago, resolved the case when the girl, at age 2, had molluscum contagiosum. He took the case over the phone, late at night. All symptoms resolved quickly after several doses of Bryonia 30C from her neighbor’s acute remedy kit, and by the next morning the girl was well. Read more

Seroquel Side Effects

“Lisa” is a 35-year-old woman with autism who is non-speaking (communicates with “choice boards” and Yes/No when able to) and needs full physical care and one-on-one support. She had chronic difficulty sleeping at night for many years and often has seizures right as she is falling asleep. She sometimes goes days without sleeping at night.

Her Neurologist prescribed Seroquel (also called Quetiapine) for sleep and gradually worked up to maintenance dose of 75 mg.,  which did work for her to sleep at night when nothing else had. She took 75 mg. daily for 8 months, at which point it was not working so well, so the neurologist increased to 100 mg.  2 weeks later, her eyes started rolling up and moving around, she could not bring them down, she would bump into things as she moved around the house and she could not use her communication boards. Then she began to have facial grimaces – her upper lip was curling up as if disgusted or nauseous – and she suddenly stopped being able to eat!

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Spinal Injury in a Child

One of the most memorable instances where we called upon Mr. Mueller was when our now 8 year old son pushed his now 6 year old sister Melissa backwards off the bed. They love to play fight on the bed and regularly push each other off. But this time, he was angry at her, kicked her at the hip and she flew backwards and landed hard on the thoracic area of the back, almost knocking the wind out of her.

She was hysterical. I’ve never seen her like that. We laid her onto the bed, flat on her back. I immediately grabbed the remedy kit and gave her a pellet of Hypericum, cause I figured the greatest injury was a jar to the spine. Immediately after the pellet, she fearfully told me that the big toe on her left foot felt like pins sticking it. I touched around the area and she could not feel me touching it! OOOOH NOOOO! I was starting to panic now.

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Early Menopause; Fatigue; Depression; Lowered Immune Function

This is a live testimonial given in front of a class of medical school students at the UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, School of Medicine, Program on Integrative Medicine Course in 2001.

Keywords: fear of cancer; major depression followed by cancer; hormonal imbalance; insomnia; hyper-vigilance; anxiety; anti-aging; chronic infections; adult asthma; hyper-thyroidism; graves disease, panic attacks, dental treatment