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Homeopathic treatment for exposure to cold

My kids and I went to the beach one winter break to just get away. My son loved to skim board (just surf on the edge of the water). A friend suggested that I rent a wet suit so that he could do it in the cold weather as that’s what the surfers do.  The only part we neglected was surf gear for his feet!  So he went surfing and the next day when he went to go again, my son developed a headache and wanted to go back to the beach house.  Shortly thereafter he developed a fever.

Being long-time clients of homeopathy and Mr. Mueller, we  first gave him a call. He suggested Hepar Sulfuris because of the exposure to cold, then we went to Bryonia and that did the trick. It took about a day and a half. But my son was back in shape in no time. Bryonia has been a key acute remedy for my son when he’s battling something.  I note at the first hint of a headache to give that to my son and usually there is no disruption in his world. Mr. Mueller is awesome and helping us keep the sickies away!

Raleigh, NC, USA

Homeopathic treatment for abdominal pain

When I first started my homeopathic consults with Mr. Mueller in 2002, I was suffering from a persistent abdominal pain that no doctor could fix.  After a short time treating homeopathically, my pain went away completely!  But also, I noticed that even though we were not treating me specifically for my frequent chronic headaches,  I have not had a headache in 12 years! Thank you Mr. Mueller and thank you to homeopathy!

Sue , Raleigh NC


Homeopathic treatment for abdominal pain

Homeopathic treatment for hormonal imbalance

“Dr. Mueller’s homeopathic treatments have regulated my hormones so that I no longer suffer from mood swings, irregular periods, ovarian cysts or an enlarged uterus. I also no longer have sinus headaches or allergies. My quality of life has improved immensely!”


Dr. Jill T

Kent, Ohio, USA

Homeopathic treatment for hormonal imbalance

Homeopathic Treatment for Braces Pain

Many years ago, I, too, fell prey to the promise that orthodontic science could give me a beautiful new smile. During my high-school years, I was fitted with a mouth-full of lovely metal braces. Back then, the only option my orthodontist gave me was metal brackets mounted on the front of my teeth…and let’s not talk about rubber bands, spacers, expanders and retainers!

A Pain In The…Face!

These days, there are many more options to move those pearly-whites into a more pleasing alignment. No matter what kind you get – braces, retainers, “invis-align”, etc, – teeth repositioning can be very painful.

When my orthodontist first installed my braces, my teeth were terribly sore. This soreness is caused by an inflammatory response by your body to a perceived trauma, i.e. unnaturally moving your teeth with braces. My teeth became so sore that I could barely swallow liquids the first day after installation. I was unable to brush my teeth for several days and was on a liquid diet for almost a week! Every “adjustment” (where they tighten your braces) caused enough pain for me to resort to taking painkillers like Tylenol (Acetaminophen, Paracetamol) and Motrin (Ibuprofen). Read more

Homeopathic Treatment for Personality Issues & more

“My years of being in the skilled hands and care of Manfred Mueller have been nothing short of life altering. One of the very first changes I noted upon taking the suggested homeopathic remedies was an overall calming of what had for years been a rather frenetic aspect to my personality. Though clearly I am the same person, I am a much more calm and relaxed individual. In addition, my physical health has improved and any time there is the slightest hint of onset of some malady, the homeopathic remedies are there and the malady is banished!

Homeopathy is where I turn for myself, my husband and the animals in my life and Manfred Mueller is whom I turn to, with total confidence that all will be well…and it always is.”

Lynn C.
Cambria, CA and Kendalia, TX, USA

Homeopathic Treatment for Personality Issues