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The Mueller Method

Layers Of Illness

Most people who suffer from severe chronic conditions have multiple layers of disorders often caused by previous treatments. Drugs, radiation and other medical treatments are likely to cause health problems. Mueller’s research shows that by removing one by one in reverse chronological order the many layers of ill health accumulated over a life-time most chronic disorders can be resolved. Even stubborn chronic conditions that have been resistant to standard homeopathic constitutional treatment in the past can be tackled safely and gently.

Clearing Remedies


Mueller uses a comprehensive approach to clearing or “antidoting” the secondary symptoms & disorders created by drugs, poisons and other harmful exposures.

In this method, Mueller applies the fundamental homeopathic principles pioneered by Dr. Hahnemann in his Organon of Medicine (6th ed.), and those pioneered by some of Dr. Hahnemann’s students.

The technical name for this approach is “Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (RCT)” – you may find it easier to just call them “clearing remedies.” This method gives new hope to sufferers of thousands of modern conditions – many that have no cure and/or often cannot even be palliated with conventional drugs.

The Mueller Method

The Real Causes of Chronic Disorders

Preparing Homeopathic Medicine

Many children who were vaccinated suffer from a host of health problems not seen in the unvaccinated population.These disorders include heavy metal toxicity, recurrent infections, allergies, asthma, eczema, immune anomalies, emotional lability, learning disabilities, ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders. In resolving these disorders Mueller found that clearing the adverse effects from those vaccines with classical homeopathic remedies like Silica, Sulphur and Thuja remains largely ineffective. After years of experimentation he developed an effective strategy that can restore the health of vaccine-injured children and adults.

Long-term side effects are not just limited to those receiving vaccines. Many people suffering from multiple chronic illnesses are a direct result of treatment with conventional treatments. Medications, injections, IV-treatments, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgeries, diagnostic procedures (such as diagnostic X-rays, MRI’s PET and CT scans, etc.), pesticide and herbicide exposure, and environmental and occupational exposures including electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), radio-frequencies, mobile phones & wireless technologies, power lines and nuclear radiation, could cause serious chronic illnesses.

Removing Toxic Metals Safely

Taking Cilantro Mother Tincture

In addition to inherited conditions and those resulting from vaccines, drugs and other medical treatment, Mueller confronts a vastly neglected and often overlooked cause of disease: chronic heavy metals intoxication. Especially mercury is one of the most insidious and most prevalent causes of chronic illnesses.  Building on the work of other experts, including Drs. Hal Huggins, Sam Ziff and Dietrich Klinghardt, the Karolinska Institute, and many others, Mueller developed a safe and effective protocol for removal of dental amalgam fillings and a gentle method of oral chelation for the detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals.

Mueller’s expertise in heavy metal detoxification in conjunction with homeopathic treatment often succeeds in resolving chronic problems associated with a heavy metal burden such as autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, MCS, CFS, chronic infections, aches and pains, memory issues, neurological conditions, etc. where other methods failed. Mueller specializes in techniques to antidote and buffer the adverse effects of standard chelation protocols.

Mr. Mueller’s approach is thorough – supported by years of research, clinical study and results in practice . Our helpful and friendly staff is happy to guide you through the necessary steps to get started on the path to recover your health.

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