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Alan Schmukler Interviews Manfred Mueller About Cardiology & Much More

Homeopath and Editor Alan Schmukler Interviewed Manfred Mueller for the May 2016 Cardiology issue of the ezine.


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Drug Induced Heart Disease

AS: Many allopathic drugs have cardiac side effects, ranging from hypotension and palpitation to various arrhythmias. The effects of these drugs can last a long time. How do you approach such iatrogenic ailments?


MM: In fact, one of the most common problems we are facing in clinic today is iatrogenically (drug or doctor) induced illnesses. The list of common medications that cause heart complaints is long, indeed. You could say medications are the number one cause of heart disease today. Antidepressants, like Celexa have been linked to heart disease. Prednisone causes heart attacks. Synthroid causes tachycardia and arrhythmias. Haldol, Zyprex and Seroquel cause heart disease. Pepcid and Zantac cause heart complaints. Beta blockers and Calcium blockers cause heart attacks. Statin drugs, like Lipitor and Zocor, cause heart disease. Hormone replacement medications, like premarin cause cardiovascular disease. Even vaccines and general anesthesia medications can cause atrial fibrillation and induce heart attacks. …not to mention drugs that have already been discontinued, like the NSAID Vioxx and the antihistamine Seldane – both responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people who suffered heart attacks.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Cipro Reaction & Fluoroquinolone Toxicity


I am glad to say that after finishing the homeopathic clearing for Cipro, in addition to my other daily remedies, I feel very well and almost back to normality. So I would like to thank your team for the amazing work you are doing and for preserving this precious and useful knowledge that homeopathy is.

Again, thank you! Regards,

Sergio H, Spain

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Homeo Cipro

Homeopathic Cipro

The Mueller Method – Digging Deeper into Your Homeopathic Toolbox


Mr. Mueller gave a free webinar for homeopaths which was hosted by Will Taylor, MD and sponsored by WholeHealthNow Books.. The description is as follows:

Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH, continues the work of Samuel Hahnemann by applying the concepts from the Organon to today’s homeopathic practice. Diseases of today are more complex than in Samuel Hahnemann’s time [more than 200 years ago]. Our chronic disorders are mostly iatrogenic (drug/poison induced). Learn how to use new tools to accomplish more with your patients – faster and gentler.

Topics covered: dosing, potency, primary and secondary action of drugs, causes of disease, removing obstacles to cure and antidoting (reverse chronological tautopathy), remedy selection for complex and multiple disorders and more.

While this webinar was intended for fully trained homeopaths to help them improve their homeopathic practice, you may find it of interest to know how Mr. Mueller’s practice differs vastly from other homeopaths. Learn how The Mueller Method uses all the tools in the homeopathic toolbox! Read more

Homeopathic Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome

Barbara, a 54 year old woman, called in a crisis. She had unbearable stabbing and piecing pain in both hips and had exhausted all her options. During her follow-up consult, she talked about seeing a doctor, going back on codeine and into a wheelchair, as she had been nine years ago. “There is a black cloud hanging over us,” she sighed. She saw no alternative.

Nine years ago, I had been consulted by her for post polio syndrome. Over time, using multiple daily remedies and many clearing remedies, we had successfully gotten her out of the wheelchair, off pain medications and moving freely with virtually no pain or discomfort. She had been suffering for more than 30 years at the time she consulted with me.

After this follow-up consult I told her I had to study the matter. In the meantime, she was to take MSG 30C (a homeopathic remedy made from potentized Monosodium Glutamate, a food additive that is a potent neurotoxin), followed an hour later by Bryonia alba 30C. That evening at 8PM, the phone rang. It was Barbara, sounding all choked up. My voicemail recorded the following message:

“You did it again, Dr. Mueller. I took the MSG, and an hour later the Bryonia,” she said with a voice full of emotion. “I fell asleep, and woke up, and there was no piercing pain, no excruciating pain, nothing.” She choked up. “I am myself again. Thank you…” She could not go on, so strong was her emotion, and hung up.

If you are interested in the full video testimonial from Barbara of her cure from Post-Polio Syndrome, please click here.

Protecting Your Remedies On The Go

Conventional drugs have expiration dates and storage rules (e.g. keep refrigerated, keep out of direct sunlight, keep at moderate temperatures, etc). So it should be no surprise that homeopathic remedies have storage and handling considerations, as well. The tips listed below are good rules of thumb to use all the time to help protect your investment in homeopathy.


The FDA requires homeopathic remedy manufacturers to put an arbitrary expiration date onto each vial of remedy sold. From the observations of homeopathic practitioners, if proper storage conditions are maintained, your homeopathic pellets will give you a lifetime of service, despite their “expiration date”.

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Homeopathic Antidote Protocol – WEBINAR

Are you new to Mr. Mueller’s homeopathic method, The Mueller Method™? Are you curious to understand more about it and to see the reasoning behind this approach? Then this webinar is for you!

The National Center for Homeopathy invited Mr. Mueller to host this webinar on May 11, 2011.

Hang on to your hats! He accurately describes this as a “tour-de-force” presentation. Enjoy!

Interview on Reverse Chronological Tautopathy

Today, Mr. Mueller was interviewed by Homeopath Debby Bruck, founder of Homeopathy World Community.

Here’s a description of what the interview is about:

“Mr. Mueller has developed a comprehensive approach to homeopathic treatment for the adverse effects of past infections, vaccinations, drugs, toxins and occupational exposures, called Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (clearing remedies or homeopathic antidotes). In his practice he uses multiple strategies that integrate current scientific insight into homeopathic methodology without sacrificing the classical principles. He demonstrates daily, with consistently excellent clinical results, that homeopathy is a viable treatment for people with complex chronic disorders including cancer, as well as for those with the most common of complaints.”

Listen to the Interview

Vaccinations and Your Rights

Mr. Mueller was interview by Homeopath Debby Bruck

of Homeopathy World Community.

In this two part interview, the first hour, Debby interviews Alan Phillips, JD, a vaccine rights lawyer based out of North Carolina. The second part of the interview features Mr. Mueller talking about what homeopathy can do to help undo the harmful effects of vaccines, how it can be used in conjunction with an oral chelation program to rid the body of mercury and other heavy metals and more.

Listen to Interview

Antidoting your remedies is easier than you think

This weekend, Lisa, a client of ours and a single mom, called sobbing, “I’m so angry right now, I don’t know what to do. I even hit my daughter- I’m being so critical and I can’t control myself!” I told her everything would be OK and to take a deep breath: she did. She continued, “I was outside of D.C. at a conference for 2 days where there was wireless high-speed Internet via this ‘satellite thing’. Jill  (her 2 year old) was terrible! She would scream and hold up her hand shouting ‘NO’. She only wanted to nurse and kept demanding my attention (all of which were her old symptoms, those of the remedy Pulsatilla). Do you think our remedies could have been antidoted?” Well, yes, it sure sounds that way.

She continued, “I had my remedies in my metal box (hers is similar in thickness to a cookie tin) and they were with me at the conference the entire time. Even when I took my Carcinocin last night after returning home, I felt nothing.” We instructed her to mix the next higher level of all her remedies and start taking them immediately. By the next day, she called us to tell us how much better both she and Jill were doing.

This story raises several issues:

1) A sure sign of being antidoted is the sudden and sometimes intense return of symptoms that had previously been improved by the remedy.

2) Antidotal factors are everywhere. If a field can neutralize a remedy, which means it alters the electromagnetic resonance or signal from the remedy, then what is that field doing to your body? How is it altering the subtle electromagnetic impulses that your brain is sending via the nervous system to regulate every mechanism and function in your body?

3) Duration and magnitude do matter. Apparently, these thin metal boxes, and perhaps even the thicker ones, are not enough to protect the remedies from some direct influences. While we do not have any scientific testing on the specifics, we do know from experience that the duration and intensity of the exposure matters. For example, a client recently had her remedies in a metal cash box, 2 feet away from a microwave oven that was used by her roommate for 8 minutes. Her remedies, while not completely antidoted, lost much of their effectiveness, as evidenced by a weakened response from her normal dose. If, in your home, you have a cordless phone (a comparably weak but constant signal), your remedies (even if in a metal box) are gradually loosing effectiveness each day. Antidotal exposures can come from any device that is plugged in. Cell Phones, cordless phones and wireless devices (to name a few) are a concern even if they are on the other side of the wall, on another floor or even at the other end of the



Hahnemann says, “the physician is also a preserver of health, if he knows the things that disturb it, that cause and sustain sickness, and if he knows how to remove them from healthy people.” This implies that homeopaths know and educate people about causes of disease, and that we remind our patients to remove the things they are exposed to that sustain their disorders and that prevent a cure. Homeopaths have successfully used this basic principle for over 200 years. Only nowadays, there are many times more factors that interfere with the body’s effort to heal itself than there used to be. When you reach a point in your homeopathic care where there is no movement in your symptoms or no further improvement, it is highly likely that you need to investigate removing sustaining or antidotal factors from your life.

For those of you whose workplaces are permeated by EMF’s from cell phones, cordless phones and wireless devices, etc., take heart. You can still do homeopathic treatment. However, for obvious reasons, treatment will take longer. You have to make a living, right? But you also have to have your health in order to function fully and be at ease. In these cases, you do what you can to increase your health: try changing your work environment or telecommute, and remove all other harmful/antidotal influences from you life.

If you are interested in knowing more about the harmful effects of “microwave” (“cellular”), “wireless” and “cordless phone” radiation, you can do a web search on your favorite search engine for “health effects” or “harm.” You can also look in our “Library” under the “Resources” tab on this website.