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The Cat Who Was Starving to Death

Update: Norm (the cat) is doing great!


Two days after adding in the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum she is now jogging around the house, drinking water, and eating her regular food, back in the mud room rather than in the living room. I take this to mean she has more energy to expend now. She is talking and fighting me more with the remedies, which means she is getting back to her feisty self.


She still is a little wobbly but much improved. Her head is not tilting as much. She still is not going to the bathroom as much as she should, but maybe that will come in the next few days.


I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this stressful situation. She still has some underlying issues, but I knew it wasn’t her time yet to go, in that way of starving to death. Now when she passes it will be because it is time. We successfully got her back to stable health. That is all I wanted, so thank you!




Wyoming, USA


Here is a video of the cat’s head tilting – this was one of the symptoms Mr. Mueller used to pick remedies for Norm.

SH says: “Believe it or not, this is Norm SKINNY!!”

cat head tilting

Homeopathy for Depression & A Deep Emotional “Hole”

I was suffering from severe depression; however I did not meet the clinical definition for depression, as I could function going to work and daily living. My deep hole emotionally was due to severe losses in a short amount of time; including grief from the death of my son, grief, anger & depression from a divorce, the anxiety of relocating twice, losing my job and ending a long-term relationship. This all happened within less than a 5-year span.


Nothing helped, and I did everything traditionally recommended. This included anti-depressant medication which made me extremely sick. I was in therapy, I exercised, ate clean, joined social groups, read self-help books, meditated, and prayed. Nothing made a difference, I was lonely and discouraged.

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A Homeopathic Confession…

“This summer has been busier than expected. Life has been too fast paced with a “break your neck to get it all done” attitude and too many projects. I’ve been having anxiety, exhaustion & feeling overwhelmed. The children have been fighting and whiny. I have noticed that they are all craving junk food more too (like popcorn, chips, chocolate, ice cream…). I must admit that I have been slack on mixing and/or administering remedies to our family.


Well, I finally broke down and asked my homeopath, Mr. Mueller, about it during my last appointment. He calmly said, “You know as well as I that when you are on your remedies, you are calm, you make sound decisions and you actually sleep well at night. I think you need to put more energy into mixing those remedies, since you always handle the rest of your life more efficiently when you take them. Remember, remedies don’t work unless you take them.” Yeah, yeah,” I thought…knowing he was so right.


And I’ve been there so many times before…I’ve had LOTS of opportunity to “fall off the homeopathy wagon” during the 10 years I’ve been treated. Every time I don’t take my remedies, I notice I become easily frustrated with the children (I have seven!), overly critical, I feel overwhelmed, I take on too much, and on top of it, I don’t wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day’s tasks.

Don’t endeavor to be perfect…

or you will set yourself up for failure and then feel bad about yourself or feel like you are being judged by those who are trying to help you!! If you miss a few doses of some remedies…big deal. The ones you did take still work. If you don’t give your child(ren) all his remedies this round…big deal! If you are late making the next batch of homeopathic remedies…big deal! DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT. Just pick up where you left off! Make it, take it and get better! As my dear friend Scottie says, all we need to do is “endeavor to persevere.” Read more

Broken Wrist Treated with Homeopathy

Just 5 weeks ago I fell off a ladder onto some concrete steps resulting in a cut over my eyebrow, bruised ribs and a compound fracture of my right wrist. From the beginning, my wrist looked terribly distorted, and I knew right away it was broken. I called Homeopathic Associates right after I sat up from the fall, and found out which acute remedies I needed. I got someone to make up those remedies and started taking them immediately. In fact, my 88 yr old Dad gave me a dose of Arnica 30C before I even got up off the ground!


I found out I had to have surgery to put in a plate in order for it to heal properly, but the surgery wasn’t scheduled for 10 days. I had a splint, but no cast. I took my homeopathic remedies faithfully every half hour at the first twinges of discomfort and I kept waiting for the “real” pain to start. I hardly had any pain whatsoever—before or after the surgery. I was prescribed heavy-duty pain medications (oxycodone and hydrocodone) by the urgent care doc and the surgeon, but did not take nor did I need any of them.

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Maturity through Homeopathic Treatment

“I came to Mr. Mueller to treat recurrent appendicitis, which he cured. I was so tired of antibiotics and threats of surgery. I couldn’t bare living without one of my organs!!


My Mom (another client of Mr. Mueller’s) suggested I keep having treatment since my Dad and Grandmother had recently died of cancer. I was so scared of getting cancer after that happened that I’d have agreed to anything…I didn’t know anything about homeopathy. I thought, well if it’s placebo, at least it won’t kill me (Thanks Mom for insisting).


Being already an adult in my thirties, I never thought of myself as immature. My friends all acted the same way, we all thought the same things were funny, we all made immature and inappropriate jokes. We watched cartoons. We loved to get drunk on the weekends after working our butts off for “the man”. Only one of us was married and we always joked about his “ball and chain” – marriage and commitment scared the pants off me. Oh, and I actually felt justified still living my childhood since I felt denied or robbed of it from circumstances. Read more

Dental Gum Pockets Healed – Homeopathy

“Finally, I just talked to the gal who does my dental cleaning because I wanted to be sure that all of my info is completely accurate. So, here it goes:

For the past year or more, my gum pockets had started getting worse (normal range is between 1-3) and I had 4 teeth that were measured at a number 4 and 1 was a number 5.  If this had continued, I would have had to have a procedure to scrape the tooth root and tighten the gum tissue that holds my teeth.  I started using diluted Calendula Mother Tincture as a mouthwash 5 months before my last dental appointment (I have these appointments for cleaning, etc., every 6 months) and my dental hygienist gal was pleasantly surprised with my clean mouth. Read more

Doctors Don’t Listen, Homeopaths Do!

A Testimonial

“Have you ever felt like no doctor knows what is wrong with you? They make you feel like you don’t feel the way you do? They tell you, “we don’t know what is wrong with you, but take this prescription” and no matter what they prescribe for you, you aren’t getting better (maybe even worse!)? You aren’t feeling much if any improvement and you feel that no doctor understands, but they will send you to numerous other doctors and take more of your money. Seems like no doctor wants to figure out what is wrong with you and they don’t want to help you get better. That is what my Dad was dealing with. That is the way he felt at the age of 63. So, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, or feel like, “hey that’s me too”, AND you are ready for feeling better and a new lease on life, then I will be the first to tell you, Manfred Mueller is for you!! Doctors Don’t Listen, Homeopaths Do!

“Mr. Mueller is a homeopath and he wants to help. He doesn’t make you feel like you don’t know what you are saying or doing, he says each person is different. I will tell you that he can tell you more of that is wrong with you in 15 minutes than traditional doctors can tell you in years. You know that first call for 15 minutes is free, right? And you don’t even have to leave your home or take off from work!

“The first time we talked to Mr. Mueller for the free 15 minute consult, he asked what the symptoms were. After telling him the symptoms, he instantly knew what was wrong with my Dad and how to treat it. No, I’m not pulling your leg. The first consult we had with Mr. Muller, via phone, he told us that he wasn’t going to just Band-Aid the problem, he was going to help the body repair itself. He said that there was an infection in my Dad’s stomach and that there was too much Mercury in his body, and on top of that, there was a lingering infection of Lyme’s disease. Read more

Homeopathic Treatment of skin & ear infections in a dog

Watch this live, video testimonial about a dog who’s multiple chronic health conditions have either been cured or significantly improved by using The Mueller Method of Homeopathy.

Owner Cheryl had taken her dog to another homeopath for several years with very little improvement in some his worst health complaints.

This video testimonial below was filmed October 2015 during the Course on Integrative Medicine at the UNC Medical School in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

Part 1


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Impacted Horse Helped with Homeopathy

I would like to share with you one of my most recent experiences where homeopathy played a major role in my horse’s health and life.


I have a 30+ year old quarter horse gelding named Dino. Because of the heavy snows and frigid cold, I was prompted to feed additional hay.


In that the horses, can’t get around as much in these weather conditions. They tend to stand in one place, eat their fill and perhaps neglect drinking the water required under these conditions.


Senior horses, like our senior humans, have a tendency to have less than efficient digestive systems and teeth that might not be as functional. This entire combination added up to a horse that was “impacted.” Food going in , but not coming out.


For 2 days Dino didn’t defecate. This could be catastrophic for a horse.

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