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Post Polio Syndrome

This is a live testimonial given in front of a class of medical school students at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Program on Integrative Medicine Course in 1999.

The transcription of the videos is available below.


Barbara’s Testimonial, Part 1

Barbara’s Testimonial, Part 2

Barbara’s Testimonial, Part 3

This is the transcript of Barbara’s Testimonial:

Alright, I’ll make this as fast as possible cause I have a lot to say, so hang on to your hats!

In 1948, when I was six years old I became sick with a high fever. Since this was during the polio epidemic, I was rushed to the hospital, checked and released. I had no physical symptoms – the scare was over.

When I was eleven years old, my doctor discovered a severe scoliosis during a regular physical exam. The diagnosis – probable mild polio back in 1948. I vaguely remember phrases like, “she’ll be needing a back brace,” “probably special shoes,” “may not be able to carry a baby.” Well at eleven, I wasn’t interested in carrying babies!

For a number of years I experienced no limitation or pain. I enjoyed active sports, played tennis, bowling, golf. I was a ballet and jazz dancer. I am very grateful for my training. That has helped mask my symptoms.

I grew up, fell in love, married, and … had a baby. I never experienced any debilitation.

At 28 years old I was in a car wreck. A young man on drugs tried to drive through my vehicle. He got halfway through. I was fortunate to have received no obvious injuries, no broken bones, no blood.  I felt that after a few days, a little bruising, I’d be fine. From that point I struggled to get back to normal. Walking became a daily struggle. Sitting was very painful, often impossible. I began have recurring mononucleosis and other breathing problems.

In 1971, I became pregnant again. This time I was in constant pain. I had to seriously consider an abortion.  Instead I stayed in bed or I wore a full body brace, from here to here (she gestures) with metal stays. It was most uncomfortable.

When the baby was born, the labor pains were mild in comparison to the back pains. I did have to be anesthetized.

I was using a walking cane at this point. For the next several years, I saw a number of doctors. This became a very frustrating experience when looking for a diagnosis. There were multiple tests, painful examinations, questions like, “do expect a lawsuit from that accident?” “are you happily married?” “did you want to have another child?” One of the doctors was a surgeon in the NYC. He had developed a surgery using a steel rod up the spinal cord. The diagnosis, he said, “this was a typical case of mild polio. The patient gets along fine until some kind of trauma happens. Then you can’t put humpty dumpty back together again.” I liked this man, his honesty and his confidence. He said, “I’m the best there is in scoliosis surgery.” He did not recommend surgery for me because of the high risk of waking up a paraplegic. His recommendation, “Be lady of leisure. Don’t lift more than 5lbs, rest during the day. Try not to get addicted to pain medicine. When and if I became paralyzed, come see him for the surgery.”

Through the years, I tried numerous treatments. One of the things that did help, at least for awhile, was shots of cortisone and Tordol in my hip, my back, my leg. I was also helped by regular chiropractic care. Just before starting chiropractic care. I was cutting out clippings for a motorized wheelchair.

On August 20, 1995, I was reading the Sunday newspaper when I say a title by a doctor, “Polio again haunts daughter.” When I read the article, I had every symptom of “post-polio syndrome.”  Finally, I had my diagnosis. After consulting innumerable doctors, after spending thousands of dollars, after experiencing many painful tests, and suffering a number of side effects  from drugs, I finally had my diagnosis 25 yrs after the fact from a doctor I had never even seen, from reading the newspaper.

Admittedly, I was relieved to have my elusive diagnosis, however this did not change my bleak prognosis. My options had not changed. Surgery with a steel rod up the length of my spine, as well as pain killers for the rest of my life.

In March of ’96, a friend called to ask me if I had heard of a “Dr.” Manfred Mueller. Knowing my lengthy experience with pain, doctors, alternative medicine, etc., she was asking for my advice. I told her I did not know him but I had plenty of sources, I’d find out. I earnestly began my investigation. By the time I returned my friend’s call, I was so excited about the information that I had made an appointment for myself. In April of ’96 I saw Dr. Mueller. I was in so much pain, I could not sit down. After so many years of seeking and not finding, I was even afraid to be hopeful, I’d tried so many thing

I finally had my diagnosis 25 yrs after the fact- I’d been suffering from post polio syndrome. Admittedly I was relieved to have my elusive diagnosis but this did not change my bleak prognosis. My options had not changed: surgery with a steel rod up the length of my spine, as well as painkillers for the rest of my life. In March of ‘96 a friend asked me if I’d heard of a Dr. Manfred Mueller. Knowing my lengthy experience with pain, doctors, alternatives, etc., she was asking for my advice. I told her I did not know him, but I had plenty of sources, I’d find out.

I earnestly began my investigation. By the time I returned my friend’s call, I was so excited about the information, that I had made an appointment for myself! In April of ‘96 I saw Dr. Mueller.

I was in so much pain I could not sit down. After so many years of seeking and not finding I was even afraid to be hopeful. I’d tried so many things. Why should I waste my little energy and money on another quest? Some time ago, I’d even seen a homeopath. It had not been helpful. Obviously, I did not know there was a difference between a “homeopath” and a “classical homeopath.”

The reason to keep my appointment? I had exhausted all other avenues except for a medicine man named  “Chief Two Shoes.” I had nowhere else to go. In the last 2 years, I had experienced paralysis at least 5 times effecting both my arms and legs. At times I was even strapping one of my arms to my body.

When I saw Dr. Mueller, I received the most extensive medical inquisition I had ever received. This was a really strange appointment. First I was with the doctor for over 2 hours. I was not asked to wear one of those fashionable little gowns that opens down the back. I was not poked or prodded. There were no sharp needles stuck in me. He simply sat behind his desk and entered data into his laptop computer.

He asked some really strange questions, “how did I feel about thunderstorms”, “what foods do I crave” “what were distasteful”, “what emotional traumas had I experienced”, “tell him every vaccination that I had ever had.” This included dental injections as well as x-rays. Of course I told him what illnesses my family had had and their causes of death. He asked if any aromas bothered me. He said, “give me a description of the pain. Not only when and where, but what time of day. Was it throbbing or piercing.” He was very exasperating.

By now I knew he must be a KOOK. This was confirmed when he told me that he knew exactly what happened to me. I was having active polio that caused swelling in my spinal cord. Subsequently causing paralysis and pain. My immune system had been compromised by anesthesia during surgery and childhood vaccinations. We would begin using homeopathic remedies starting from the most recent time working backwards into childhood. He would be able to remove my active polio, as well as the recurring mononucleosis, pneumonia and breathing problems.

In mind my the only thing I could think, the polite version, was “KOOK, KOOK, KOOK”. What makes him think he can do what no body else has?” My appointment was over, I leaned against the wall and waited. I still couldn’t sit down. A bunch of little brown bottles were prepared for me. I received more strange instructions about succuss it 10 times. You may not drink any coffee, you may not consume any mint, as in “fresh minty toothpaste.” Fortunately everything was written down. By now my pain was so bad, I had stopped thinking “KOOK” and was just focusing on how I was going to get home in one piece.

I managed to get home safely. Now what? I spent the money, I’ll do the program for awhile. How bad could the remedies be?  After all, they are mixed with vodka! Afterward, I could honestly say I tried. When this too failed, I still had the address of Chief Two Shoes.

I began to take my magic potions. Admittedly I was checking the ingredients for bat wings and spider legs. In exactly one week I had a bewildering dramatic experience. One morning, I realized I was in the bathroom! How had I gotten there? I did not remember dragging myself from the bed holding on to the furniture, the walls so that I wouldn’t fall down! This was the first time in years! The only explanation I had was, “Hot dig! I’d had an out of body experience!”

It was not that dramatic. Since that moment I’ve had a restored life. I have had no paralysis, a manageable pain level- side effects of the severe scoliosis. I’ve had amazing energy level and no serious breathing problems. I am very well now. I’d like to briefly give you the benefit of my medical experience. I have paid dearly for these conclusions in pain and dollars.

Allopathic medicine: this will always be needed. We humans are very diversified. Most of us are lazy. We want the quick fix. People do not want to quit smoking, they just want you to replace their lung. They don’t want to learn to eat better, they don’t want to exercise or loose weight. So the doctor has to resort to numb or suppress the pain. I do appreciate that allopathic medicine did help keep me alive until I could find real help.

Vaccinations: I’ve done the research. I will never take another vaccination. By the way, I’ve been a very difficult patient every time he told me these things, I’d go to the library, the bookstore and I’d do the research.  It was not an easy process. Do not be so naïve as to think all vaccinations are beneficial. The newspaper regularly says “Polio has been eradicated in the United States.” Well quite a number of us with post polio syndrome know that that is simply a lie. Do your research, since 1980 every single case of polio in our country came from taking the vaccination. And this is not his say so (pointing to Mueller). It IS, I got a book right over there and the author says MD it doesn’t say “by Kook.”

Mercury toxicity from amalgam dental fillings: I really resisted this information harder than anybody. It had to be proved to me. Most of you I hope are young enough that someday you will witness the true exposition that is going to make the tobacco industry issue seem small. It is damaging the people and the AMA knows it. Leave it in your teeth, but when you have children, please don’t put those silver fillings in your children’s teeth.

Chiropractic care: I now know better ways of relaxing muscles. But again, this did help keep me out of the wheelchair until I could find real help.

Acupuncture: I had extensive acupuncture from a doctor trained in china. This was of major benefit to me.

Juice fasting has been mentioned. This is a powerful way to heal yourself. Everyone should avail themselves the knowledge of the power of juice fasting. You can go for days or even weeks without eating. I’ve had several three and four week fasts and I’ve only gotten better every time.

Fluoride in water. The scientific proof in indisputable. You have to the research. Playing ostrich is easy. Just remember what part of your anatomy is left exposed. Meanwhile go ahead and drink that tap water, but please don’t feed it to your pets.

Vitamin therapy. I’m not talking about cheap synthetic vitamins, but good quality ones that you can find at Wellspring (Whole Foods). You have the power to control the level of your health. This works, but you have to do the research.

Reiki: This is an ancient form of life-force self-healing energy. I will use Reiki for own healing and for my loved ones everyday of my life. It is that dramatic.

Energy Therapy: This is hands-on body magnetics. It is subtle bodywork. It is amazing. Simply put, it works, look into it.

Homeopathy: Homeopathy is not for everybody. It is only for the people that actively want to get well. You have to be willing to sacrifice things like smoking and coffee. Instant food and canned food, tap water. You must work to educate yourself. You must become observant about your body. It is hard work. Your reward, Homeopathy Cures.

I realize that a lot of this information is really unbelievable to you. I’d like to share a little saying that’s helped me through a lot of difficult times and decisions, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

In closing, I’d like to share a few highlights [from my treatment]. The must fun treatment I had was when my warts began drying up and falling off. Through the years I had repeatedly had warts removed. Now, they just dried up and fell off unlike when I had them frozen off. To celebrate I went to the plant nursery and bought two Thuja occidentalis bushes! That’s what he treated me with.

The greatest relief, because of using codeine for years, I struggled with constipation problems. Since starting homeopathy, I’ve experienced no difficulty with elimination.

The most appreciated aspect, no more major breathing problems. Frequently at night, I would wheeze and cough so much that my husband would beg me to go to the Emergency room. Often, lying down was impossible. That problem is just gone!

My biggest Wow, I have never believed it possible? Previously I had taken 7-14 Tylenol with codeine tablets a week. Since I began homeopathy, I have only had one-half a Tylenol in three years!

I have needed no shots of cortisone, any Tordol to relieve paralysis. I have had none [paralysis].

A big thanks for the return of my mind! My memory problem is greatly improved. I can no longer relate to the joke, “if my memory gets any worse, I will be able to hide my own Easter eggs!”

For the first time since puberty, I am no longer anemic. It’s a great feeling.

The person I enjoy not seeing the most? My pharmacist. I have never again had to pay $27 for one bottle of Nizoral shampoo for seborrhea. Actually, I have not filled a single prescription since I since I began homeopathy.

Little things mean a lot. Having fingernails again. For years they were short and stubby. They were so soft and constantly breaking. I do really enjoy wearing my rings and having nails again.

The most expensive result? Because of my two auto accidents I’d been told I needed 14 dental crowns. I was too sick at the time to get them done. Actually I realized I wasn’t going to live long enough to need them anyway.

Since homeopathy I have my life back and I did get my teeth repaired.

The most astounding thing? I have a life again! The title on my folder says it all, “Barbara’s Restored Life.” Homeopathy has restored my life and my marriage! Thank you.

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