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June 2011 Newsletter

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Greetings Clients and Friends,


Here’s our summer regimen for you: Have a cool treat. Go berry picking (but make sure they’re organic). Go to the beach or mountains. Enjoy a hammock in a shady spot. Rejoice because you are alive! Give your family and friends an extra smile and hug next time you see them and tell you’re thankful they’re in your life!


Did you know that many summer complaints are quickly resolved by homeopathy? See below for how to treat yourself for bites, stings, accidents, injuries and much more. You will also find a few other tips to help make your summer even more enjoyable.


What else can you do to improve your life? Consider having homeopathic constitutional treatment to help you give up some habits you find very difficult to shake. There are so many ways homeopathy can make our lives easier!

In Health and Happiness,

Christina and Manfred Mueller



Blackberry Sorbet Recipe

Remember to use all organic ingredients for a delicious and healthy treat! Personally, we use the Agave Nectar because of it’s low glycemic index and for it’s health benefits!

Click here for the recipe



From the Office


  • Please reserve email communications for sending documents, links and records, or anything to be reviewed at the time of your next consultation.
  • Remedies don’t work if you don’t take them! And remedies won’t mix themselves!
  • Be prepared. Have a Homeopathic Acute Care Kit. Keep at least 20 extra bottles on hand at all times because acute illnesses may come up, bottle washing day may get missed or postponed, etc.

Summer Fun and Homeopathy

With the summertime fun comes summertime ouches! Here’s how homeopathy can help you deal, heal and feel better, with no side-effects!


To find out how to select, make and take remedies, and basic guidelines for acute treatment please download our Acute Material Medica, or better yet attend one of our Self Care Courses. There are several self care books which are great to have on hand- of course it goes without saying that you want to study them ahead of time- before you need them!


* Cuts; scrapes; scratches; abrasions – diluted Calendula mother tincture (1 in 10 to 1 in 20 dilution

[use 20 parts if the solution still burns upon application- thus diluting the alcohol out) applied topically several times daily to prevent infection, cleanse the wound, and prevent scar tissue. You may also wish to give Calendula 30C internally as it can significantly boost the body’s immunity and healing capacity.


* Bruises; contusions; car accidents; concussionArnica 30C or 200C – reduces swelling, treats shock (both physical and emotional), prevents infection.


* Whiplash, concussion, injuries to fingers, toes, spine and tailbone; injuries/ cuts/punctures to palms of hands or soles of feet to prevent tetanus – Hypericum 30C.


* SunburnsCantharis 30C is your best bet. Repetition here is important. When Cantharis fails, you may want to consider Apis, Belladonna, or Causticum, depending on which fits the symptoms best.


* Bug Bites and Stings (mosquitos, bees/wasps/hornets/yellow jackets, etc) – Apis mellifica 30C (incompatible with Rhus toxicidendron, and has a 3 week duration). If you have been on Rhus-t and need help with a sting, you can a few grains of salt on the tongue to “antidote” the symptoms! Try it, it works!


* Tic and spider bitesLedum palustre!!! It is important to try to identify the type of tic or spider that has bitten you. Tic borne illness like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme’s Disease can easily be resolved with carefully selected homeopathic remedies. The same holds true for poisonous spider bites such as from a Brown Recluse or Black Widow. Do not attempt self-treatment in these cases. Please get medical attention if necessary, and/or schedule an acute consultation in these situations.


* Poison IvyRhus toxicidendron (#1 choice), or Anacardium, Grindelia tincture, and Graphites. Repetition here is important.


* Working too hard? Overexertion? Over-strain? Sprain? Twist? Ruptured muscles, tendons? Breaks, fractures, etc.? Don’t worry! Homeopathy is here to help you heal in a fraction (not a fracture!) of the time. If you realize that after a few days you aren’t getting better, you should schedule an acute consultation so it can be resolved quickly and permanently!


* Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Sunstroke – these can be serious life-threatening conditions. Please seek medical treatment. Homeopathy is very helpful in these situations, too.

If you are inexperienced with homeopathic treatment, or if you encounter serious symptoms, such as seizures, fever, or signs of dehydration, or of you are unsure of what you may be dealing with, seek medical treatment, and/or call for a consultation rather than trying to treat these conditions yourself.

Sunscreen Alternatives

It has long been known that the active ingredients in sunscreens (even the “natural” ones) cause cancer. The natural ones have fewer skin-irritating and carcinogenic ingredients- if you have no other choice.


In fact, we’ve reported in the past that getting daily sun exposure is actually GOOD for you! Studies show that mild to moderate sun exposure helps boost you vitamin D levels, raises your immunity, it can help skin injuries heal faster, eases depression and more.


In our family we use a multi-layered approach to sun protection.

  1. As the days warm up (and yes, we’re even known to do this on the cold ones), we go out in the sun for 15-20 minutes a day and expose as much of our skin as we can to the sun (roll up long sleeves, remove socks, roll up the pants, etc.).
  2. Gradually we increase the exposure at least a few times per week
  3. When going into the sun for longer periods of time- like several hours, we apply a mix of Coconut oil (we prefer refined so we don’t smell like a coconut) and Olive oil. Reapply several times throughout the day, especially after swimming.
  4. When you begin to get to much, use other methods of sun shielding such as hats, umbrellas, shirts, etc.
  5. Treat any sun burns with repeated doses of Cantharis (in water, succussed before each dose). This helps the skin heal and prevents long-term damage to the skin. Helps prevent peeling!
  6. Apply the same coconut and olive oil mix (or pick one and use it) topically to soothe sunburned skin and help prevent peeling, scarring.

I’ve even seen where some folks claim Coconut and Olive oils have a sun protection factor (SPF). Some may wish to use Sesame oil, as that appears to also have an SPF.


You may ask- why use oils which may magnify the sun’s effects? These oils promote the body’s natural pigmentation process – the production of melanin. Sun tanning is a natural protective mechanism against UV light exposure.


Learn more:

Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer: Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer

Health News

As the most authoritative report yet, it says mobile phones pose a health risk.

The cold, hard facts on mobiles and cancer

Need a Good Laugh?

Drug Commercial for STELARA cure is worse than the disease! And this has become the norm in advertising. Don’t be distracted by the pretty pictures and calm, relaxing scenes…LISTEN to the words and warnings folks!


Autism and Vaccines Researcher for CDC Indicted for Fraud and Money-Laundering


Dinner Invocation

This lady, a resident of a retirement community, was asked to give a speech at a dinner/convention of retirement community managers. She does so, but then decides to add a few words of her own as a part of her invocation. Enjoy!


The Psychiatrist and The Drug Rep

Keep Your Sanity and Dignity, and Yourself Out of Trouble

James Duane – Remain Silent


Dealing with Dignity at a Relationship Crisis

For Fun:

Time Lapse Clouds and Sky Over the Canary Islands


Amazing Video of the Flowing Auroras Over Norway


Amazing Parkour Skills

youth, fitness and sheer stupidity…


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Mr. Mueller’s Specialties in Homeopathic Practice

  • Homeopathic Cardiology – stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Homeopathic Neurology – MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, neurological damage from vaccines, vaccine injuries, etc.
  • Homeopathic Oncology – cancer in any location or tissue; CLL, CML, etc.
  • Complicated Chronic Disorders – diseases from multiple causes or of uncertain diagnosis or etiology
  • Mercury and Heavy Metal Chelation – we use gentle oral & dietary chelation protocols and support the process with homeopathic remedies to antidote and buffer the effects
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), ADHD, brain injuries, concussions, etc.
  • Hypersensitivity – MCS, electromagnetic sensitivity or electro-hypersensitivity, food allergies, environmental allergies
  • Homeopathic Immunizations
  • Effects Of Inappropriate Homeopathic Treatment

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