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Homeopathic treatment for celiac disease/sprue

“I have used a number of homeopaths both in the USA and in Asia over the past 20+ years.  Most of my experiences were disappointing, either because the homeopathic practitioners focused on short-term symptomatic relief and/or seemed to lack the skill to successfully treat chronic conditions through constitutional remedies.  The end result was that our family never got anywhere with being able to get real help with allergies and other chronic health problems.  Not until we found Dr. Mueller!

We have all been his clients now for five years and couldn’t be happier.  Most of our allergies have disappeared or have been greatly alleviated.  My back that felt weak after a serious back injury, feels fine, and I continue to be amazed what I can do these days, like shovel snow.

Dr. Mueller was instrumental in helping our son recover after a car accident and has also helped me manage my celiac disease/sprue.  I wouldn’t be able to thank Dr. Mueller and his excellent, patient staff enough.”

 homeopathic treatment for celiac disease/sprue

Riitta R, Durham, NC, USA

Homeopathic Treatment For Seasonal Allergies


Homeopathy has many solutions to offer allergy sufferers! Whether yours are seasonal or chronic, you may wish to try safe and effective homeopathic treatment for allergies that is free from harmful side effects. If you cannot find a homeopath nearby to work with, remember, we work over the phone!

  1. Homeopathic Combination Remedies –While scoffed at by many professional homeopaths, they may afford the allergy sufferer a bit of relief. Made from a mixture of the most common remedies that seem to work for a particular condition, e.g. hayfever, allergies, headaches, insomnia, etc., they aim to offer a broad range of sufferers relief, rather than offering targeted, specific relief to the person based on their individual symptoms, as a single homeopathically prescribed remedy would. These remedies are readily available at most health food stores and even at some pharmacies. They are safe and free from side effects and should be tried first before resorting to more heroic measures—drug like Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin and other common suppressive antihistimine drugs (which are full of unwanted and harmful side effects and which can cause more serious health problems down the road).
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Homeopathic Stories: Anaphylactic Reactions

Most commonly caused by a substance to which the patient has become sensitized, anaphylactic reactions are systemic allergic reactions. If shock develops, the patient turns pale, faints and quickly becomes unresponsive. If no help is available, it can be fatal. A serious outcome of anaphylactic reactions can often be prevented with Apis mellifica made from the honey bee.

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I attended a wedding that was held outdoors, when a little girl suddenly screamed, and her mother yelled “oh my god she got stung by a yellow jacket, and we forgot the epinephrine kit!” The wedding was held in the woods several miles from town and the mother was beside herself. I reassured her and walked calmly to my car to get my remedy kit. I gave the girl a pellet of Apis 30 C under her tongue and she stopped screaming instantly. Fifteen minutes later the incredulous mother pointed out that the girl was completely fine, and didn’t even have any localized swelling.

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