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Homeopathy Calms My Nerves!

Excerpted from a recent email to Christina Mueller:
“Btw – you’d be proud. We have been taking remedies daily. We are in need of a better carrying case, with bottles to be easily stored and identified and not knock all around the box and get jumbled.

“I’m ready to go. I’ve been taking Nux vomica, Arnica and Pulsatilla. I picked up some Ignatia at the health food store, as you suggested, and all of those seem to help. Joseph loved The effects of Ignatia. The Nux hasn’t worked for my tummy troubles but def do for Joseph. The Pulsatila, I took one day after a really stressful string of events… And I felt my nervous system almost chug to a peaceful hault. Wild! It worked better than the Zanax and it didn’t make me feel or act like I was “intoxicated” as Joseph loves to point out… And did I point out that I don’t feel hung over after a homeopathic remedy like I do with the Zanax?”


Zella H.

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Homeopathic Treatment for Personality Issues & more

“My years of being in the skilled hands and care of Manfred Mueller have been nothing short of life altering. One of the very first changes I noted upon taking the suggested homeopathic remedies was an overall calming of what had for years been a rather frenetic aspect to my personality. Though clearly I am the same person, I am a much more calm and relaxed individual. In addition, my physical health has improved and any time there is the slightest hint of onset of some malady, the homeopathic remedies are there and the malady is banished!

Homeopathy is where I turn for myself, my husband and the animals in my life and Manfred Mueller is whom I turn to, with total confidence that all will be well…and it always is.”

Lynn C.
Cambria, CA and Kendalia, TX, USA

Homeopathic Treatment for Personality Issues