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“Little Complaints” Can Add Up to Big Trouble

Human nature may lead us to downplay our small complaints and symptoms in lieu of a more favorable “I’m healthy” posture. In some ways, this can be a good thing. It keeps us positive, upbeat and less affected by our health issues.

On the other hand, it may benefit our overall state of health AND our performance to heed those little complaints and tendencies as subtle signs of an “as of yet unrecognized” disorder in need of treatment. After all, it is usually the little complaints that add up to a major condition when left unattended!

In homeopathy it is precisely those little signs and symptoms that give the homeopath the needed indications for a remedy that will remove the disorder. And more often than not, homeopathic treatment resolves an emerging heath problem before it could be diagnosed as a medical condition!


Before you decline into crisis mode with your health, you can “head it off at the pass” with homeopathic maintenance treatment as soon as one or even several seemingly insignificant signs have made their appearance!

Max, age 68

“I just can’t seem to think clearly anymore,” Max would complain to his wife Ingrid, a long time client. “Also, my hip is just getting worse and worse!” Yet, when she offered to set up an appointment with Mr. Mueller, Max would deny he had any problems and claimed he did not need any help! Ingrid spent time during each of her own consultations talking about this to Mr. Mueller who suggested that, while one of the remedies she was on would be of great benefit to Max, it would be best if Max would come for consultations of his own. Read more

Homeopathy for Health and Happiness, Part 2

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One time a four year old girl was brought to my practice who refused any and all instructions. This was before the term “oppositional disorder” was coined. She was all dressed up like a little lady and was so well behaved for her age that I could not tell something was wrong at first glance. Yet, she was so hyperactive that in a short time she had turned my office into a disaster area. She only ate specific foods, and in spite of the excellent behavior modification techniques employed by her mother, she repeatedly scolded her mother and brutally bossed her around. The mother finally resorted to physical restriction by holding her on her lap for the remainder of the consultation.

Instead of doing child psychotherapy, I got the relevant information and the family started constitutional treatment. There was considerable improvement by the first follow-up visit. By now also a chronic cough had resolved. Eight months later, even her father, who had been skeptical about the treatment, commented on the improvement in behavior. During that time that girl had received two alternating remedies in different potencies that matched her whole symptom picture. It is interesting to note that she never was diagnosed with any disorder. I received a call from her mother eleven years later.  Her daughter had been doing great all these years.  But now she had some menstrual problems that needed to be resolved. Read more

Homeopathy for Health and Happiness, Part 1

Around age two and a half, my youngest daughter began to make the unsolicited remark, “I am happy.” She has since proclaimed this almost daily – before breakfast in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon, or sometimes before bedtime. She is one of those rare children (in America) who has never needed any medical treatment (in the conventional sense) in her life. My oldest daughter who is twenty five has never needed an antibiotic, pain killer or any other conventional medication. They are lucky to have been born into a homeopathic family.

Homeopathic treatment affects the whole person. Families treated with homeopathy seem to get sick less often. Homeopathy can certainly treat for acute illnesses, such as cold and flus, however it also can eliminate the chronic disposition to becoming sick. This is done by treating the “constitution.” Homeopathy has even been shown in studies to prevent disease.

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