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Protect Your Homeopathic Remedies While Flying, and Tips

Learn tips on how to protect your homeopathic remedies while flying and how to use homeopathy to help cope with some of flying’s common side effects.

How to protect your homeopathic remedies while in an airport, and while in an airplane:

  1. Leave liquid homeopathic remedies at home: Liquid homeopathic remedies are more susceptible to becoming damaged by influences in their environment. They can be antidoted from being “scanned” or X-rayed. Pulsed high-frequency microwaves from cell phones and air-to ground transmitters bouncing around inside the airplane’s aluminum fuselage can weaken or destroy liquid remedies benefits. Vibrational effects from flying at a high speed, as well as ultrasonic noise emitted from the airplane’s engines, are also damaging to liquid remedies. Add to that strict Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations in the US about “open bottles with liquid,” you most likely won’t be able to bring them on the plane with you anyway!
  2. Bring pellets: If you need to take any remedies while flying, bring them on the plane with you in pellet form. Pellets are more resistant to the effects of vibrations, ultrasounds and X-rays, although repeated exposure to these fields will not only weaken them, but can eventually render them totally ineffective as well. You can take your empty remedy bottles and pellets, have them hand searched at check-in, and mix the next higher potency when you arrive at your destination. See also the section below on “Knowing your rights.”
  3. Homeopathic Remedy Kit
    Homeopathic Self Care Remedy Kit

    Homeopathic remedy kits containing vials of pellets (globules, pills) are a convenient way to have emergency homeopathic remedies with you at all times. Personally, we never travel without one. However, repeated exposure to the stresses of flying, cellphones and scanners will eventually weaken the pellets, too.

  4. If you are going to be gone for extended periods of time, consider mailing your remedies to your intended location. Do not mail liquid homeopathic remedies – mix them when you open them. If finding distilled (or purified) water will be an issue at your destination, include a small bottle of water/alcohol mix (10% alcohol) in the package.
  5. Consider that in many countries in the world, homeopathy is a well-known and accepted form of medicine. Most European countries, India, Australia, Canada and the United States will have at least some access to homeopathic pharmacies. Use the internet to search your destination to see if there are homeopathic pharmacies nearby.

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Homeopathic treatment for exposure to cold

My kids and I went to the beach one winter break to just get away. My son loved to skim board (just surf on the edge of the water). A friend suggested that I rent a wet suit so that he could do it in the cold weather as that’s what the surfers do.  The only part we neglected was surf gear for his feet!  So he went surfing and the next day when he went to go again, my son developed a headache and wanted to go back to the beach house.  Shortly thereafter he developed a fever.

Being long-time clients of homeopathy and Mr. Mueller, we  first gave him a call. He suggested Hepar Sulfuris because of the exposure to cold, then we went to Bryonia and that did the trick. It took about a day and a half. But my son was back in shape in no time. Bryonia has been a key acute remedy for my son when he’s battling something.  I note at the first hint of a headache to give that to my son and usually there is no disruption in his world. Mr. Mueller is awesome and helping us keep the sickies away!

Raleigh, NC, USA

Homeopathic treatment for abdominal pain

When I first started my homeopathic consults with Mr. Mueller in 2002, I was suffering from a persistent abdominal pain that no doctor could fix.  After a short time treating homeopathically, my pain went away completely!  But also, I noticed that even though we were not treating me specifically for my frequent chronic headaches,  I have not had a headache in 12 years! Thank you Mr. Mueller and thank you to homeopathy!

Sue , Raleigh NC


Homeopathic treatment for abdominal pain

Homeopathic Treatment for Migraines

“I had daily chronic migraines for 7 years – bad enough to interfere with my work and life. And I have a naturally high tolerance for pain! When the migraines first begain, I was already into natural medicine and avoided taking any drugs “like the plague,” either prescription or over the counter. Ice packs, heat packs, massage, lying down, sleeping, essential oil inhalants, herbs – these were my medicines…but those pesky migraines weren’t stopping! I have to admit, I did have to resort to taking a Tylenol (acetaminophen, paracetomol) about once every 6 months when the intensity became too much.

“A new, blessed friend referred me to Mr. Mueller. It was only after a few weeks of homeopathic treatment that the intensity of the migraines was reduced to 50%. By 6 months, it was down to one during my period. Mr. Mueller said that my history of birth control pills (estrogen and progesterone) was likely the culprit of my migraines – even after having stopped them 7 years prior. Unbelievable! I took a homeopathic antidote for all of them and thank God I could tell the difference right away!

“I cannot tell you how the quality of my life has improved drastically over what is was like before. In fact, when I look back, I cannot believe I lived in such discomfort and disorder. Homeopathic treatment has helped me in ways I cannot even express and for that, Mr. Mueller, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Celia Evans
Iowa City, IA                                     homeopathic treatment for migraines