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Alternative Health Suggestions for an Aging Brain, Pt 3 of 4


Aging brain; memory loss, poor memory, pre-senility, early onset dementia, dementia, forgetfulness, comprehension issues, frontal temporal dementia, Alzheimer’s, attention deficit, ADHD, lack of concentration, lack of focus, easily distracted, feeling overwhelmed at dealing with simple tasks, feeling overwhelmed with life, food allergies etc.


Let’s recap the highlights from Part 1 and Part 2 of this article


In part 1(link), we talked about why it was important to eat food grown organically vs. conventionally grown; I talked of MSG (monosodium glutamate) and how this neurotoxin ruins your memory, cognitive functioning and overall health; and we spoke about why it was incredibly important to avoid eating foods that were genetically modified (GMOs) or contained GMO components. And since there are no global labeling laws for these, the only way to avoid them is by eating an all organic diet, or as a minimum, by at least eating only foods labels as NON-GMO.


In Part 2 (link), The topic got a little more serious. I mentioned how Mr. Mueller had coined the term “cell phone dementia” (or had you already forgotten?) I went over why it was so important to reduce, as much as you could, your exposure to microwave radiation from cellphones, cordless phones, WIFI, bluetooth, GPS, cellular towers (masts), Smart meters, etc.

Radiation exposure is cumulative. And don’t forget your smart meters! They are like having a cell phone attached to your house. Replace it. Reduce all forms of wireless communications to help keep that mind of yours sharp as a tack! Go retro! Go wired. I even gave you a long list of SOLUTIONS and alternative ways you could reduce your exposure and still survive in today’s world. Yes, you can survive even if you don’t have that cellphone on you 24/7, I promise!


Now in Part 3, let’s talk about a few more ways to help stop premature aging of our brains.


Ionizing Radiation & X-rays Age our Brains


We are constantly exposed to nuclear (ionizing) radiation (look at this weeks readings!) . Did you know some of the proving symptoms for Radium bromatum (the radiation used for cancer treatments, a form of ionizing radiation) are apprehensiveness, depression, fear of being alone in the dark, a cloudy mind and unable to think clearly! And ionizing radiation such as Plutonium, Uranium, Cesium, etc., causes cancer.

Stay away from unnecessary x-rays, especially dental x-rays (refuse them & offer to sign a waiver) and from unnecessary mammograms. You can use Thermography instead. If you have to be exposed to an x-rays, take a few doses of the homeopathic remedy X-ray 30C afterwards.

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Protect Your Homeopathic Remedies While Flying, and Tips

Learn tips on how to protect your homeopathic remedies while flying and how to use homeopathy to help cope with some of flying’s common side effects.

How to protect your homeopathic remedies while in an airport, and while in an airplane:

  1. Leave liquid homeopathic remedies at home. Liquid homeopathic remedies are more susceptible to becoming damaged by influences in their environment. They can be antidoted from being “scanned” or X-rayed. Pulsed high-frequency microwaves from cell phones and air-to ground transmitters bouncing around inside the airplane’s aluminum fuselage can weaken or destroy liquid remedies benefits. Vibrational effects from flying at a high speed, as well as ultrasonic noise emitted from the airplane’s engines, are also damaging to liquid remedies. Add to that strict Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations in the US about “open bottles with liquid,” you most likely won’t be able to bring them on the plane with you anyway!
  2. Travel with homeopathic remedies in pellet form. If you need to take any homeopathic remedies while flying, bring them on the plane with you in pellet form. Pellets are more resistant to the effects of vibrations, ultrasounds and X-rays, although repeated exposure to these fields will not only weaken them, but can eventually render them totally ineffective as well. You can take your empty remedy bottles and pellets, have them hand searched at check-in, and mix the next higher potency when you arrive at your destination. See also the section below on “Knowing your rights.”
  3. Homeopathic Remedy Kit
    Homeopathic Self Care Remedy Kit

    Homeopathic remedy kits containing vials of pellets (globules, pills) are a convenient way to have emergency homeopathic remedies with you at all times. Personally, we never travel without one. However, repeated exposure to the stresses of flying, cellphones and scanners will eventually weaken the pellets, too.

  4. If you are going to be gone for extended periods of time, consider mailing your remedies to your intended location. Do not mail liquid homeopathic remedies – mix them when you open them. If finding distilled (or purified) water will be an issue at your destination, include a small bottle of water/alcohol mix (10% alcohol) in the package.
  5. Consider that in many countries in the world, homeopathy is a well-known and accepted form of medicine. Most European countries, India, Australia, Canada and the United States will have at least some access to homeopathic pharmacies. Use the internet to search your destination to see if there are homeopathic pharmacies nearby.

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Homeopathic Treatment of Brain Hemorrhage: Several Cases

By Manfred Mueller, RSHom (NA), CCH

first appeared in The American Homeopath, vol 19

Cerebrovascular injuries, whether from trauma, surgery or internal chronic conditions, are all too often the cause of permanent disability, if not fatal outcomes. It is perhaps because of the very severity and hopelessness of these cases that they constitute some of the most frustrating and at the same time most rewarding work a homeopath can engage in. In this article I hope to convey some of the triumphs, as well as difficulties, we homeopaths may encounter while working with the victims of brain injury and their families.

Case # 1: Hemiplegia after Hemorrhagic Stroke with Hematoma

Harriet called from Roanoke, VA, about six hours from Durham, NC, where I then practiced. Her older sister Eleanor, aged 70, had collapsed after she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and, “was now in a bad way.” She was lying in the hospital bed, nearly unconscious, and tests showed she was completely paralyzed on the left side. Her breathing was noisy, with a snoring sound. Eleanor was currently on a ventilator and taking several medications. Harriet, aged 62, was a retired hospital administrator and did not trust that conventional treatment was going to do her sister much good. She reasoned, “At the very least she can use all the help she can get!” Read more

Homeopathy – a last resort

Homeopathy was my last resort. Mr. Mueller has been my homeopath for 3 years now. We’ve made such good progress on my main complaints, except for one – my weakness and lack of stamina. Two months ago, Mr. Mueller suggested I try taking a dose of  potentized X-ray in the Q (LM) potency every day.

WOW – what a difference it is making. I have energy again. I’m not back where I was in my early 20’s when this first started but at 40 years old with small children, I am getting back in the saddle and I am very grateful. THANK YOU!!

Hickory, NC

Common Acute Homeopathic Remedies to Keep on Hand

By Christina Mueller

We keep a few commonly used acute remedies prepared in liquid in 30C potencies in our metal remedy box***. We remix new remedies every 2-3 months to make sure they are fresh and still active:

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Immune System Boosted with Homeopathy

I’ve realized that since I’ve been under homeopathic treatment, which by the way is working for my problems, my immune system has so much improved in general. For the past 4 years, I’ve not gotten my usual colds and flus, which I would have several times a year and every fall and winter.

In the past 3 years, I’ve only gotten sick only once and that was after I went to the dentist and he insisted on giving me multiple x-rays. I had no idea how sick that could make you! Mr. Mueller gave me a clearing remedy for x-ray and boy, I felt SO much better. I feel like my immune system is in top shape now!


Immune System Boosted with Homeopathy