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Suspected urinary tract infection in two year old resolved with Cantharis

By Christina Mueller

In our family, Mom is the primary prescriber for day-to-day ails. Accidents, injuries, stings and bites, teething, temper tantrums, jealousy, anger, etc. That is, unless I am stumped as to what to prescribe or how to assess and have to ask for an acute consultation with my husband – which usually means speaking to the “doctor” on his way to the bathroom or over lunch (you know what they say about the cobbler’s children…).

Back in December 2010, our then 26 month old son, M, who was not yet speaking in full sentences, and who has difficulty pronouncing some words, woke up in the middle of the night (which is very rare) and was whimpering. I got him up, hugged him, gave him some water and put him back to bed. Then I went to the bathroom, took a dose of Kali bichromicum 30C in water (my sinuses were dry and stopped up) and got back into bed.

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Chickens Stopped Laying


I am chicken farmer and I produce organic eggs. I met Mr. Mueller at the local farmer’s market where I sell my eggs. One summer, I found myself in a tough situation – I had to move my flock to a new location on the farm during the hottest days of summer. They stopped producing due to the stress and excessive heat. Mueller gave me a remedy and said I should put it in their water. He never even charged me for the remedy. The chickens started producing right away. The same thing happened the next year. I had forgotten what the remedy was and had to ask him. He told me the name of the remedy, about a mile long, and this time I got a whole vial of it from him. Once again it saved the day. Thanks Mr. Mueller.

– Pat

Tuberous Acne Cured with Homeopathy

By Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Copyright 1996, Homeopathic Associates

The young gentleman in his early thirties was a little self-conscious about his looks.  He had been plagued by severe acne of the face, a condition diagnosed as tuberous acne, although one could argue that is was really cystic acne. You could see significant acne scaring over both his cheeks, chin and all over his face, even the nose. He was otherwise in excellent health. He kept in excellent physical shape with regular yoga exercises and an all organic, vegetarian diet.

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Sjögren’s Syndrome – Cured In A Skeptic!

I originally came to Dr. Mueller with a diagnosis of Sjögren’s Syndrome and a secondary diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Rachel after her first Race, Summer 2011

I had six episodes of violent flu-like illnesses over the course of the winter of 2007-08, 2 of which required me to go to the Emergency Room because of dehydration. I had extremely dry eyes, mouth and skin. My pain level was usually, on a scale of 1-10, around a 4, which could head up to 8 or 9 during abrupt weather changes.

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