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Are Flu Vaccines Safe? What About Alternatives?

Every time you turn on the television, radio or open a newspaper or magazine, you are probably being bombarded by announcements for getting your influenza, pneumonia or shingles vaccine. You can’t even drive past your local drug, grocery or big box stores anymore without being cajoled into taking one! But what is the efficacy and safety of these vaccines? Are they educating us on these issues as much as they are pushing for us to “take the jab?” And are there any alternatives to help protect us from these uncomfortable conditions?

Are Flu Vaccines Safe?

Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, one of the world’s leading immunogeneticist, says people who’ve had just 5 flu vaccinations in their lifetimes are 10 times more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease than those who’ve had only one or two shots. Fudenberg explains this is due to two ingredients in the shot—aluminum and mercury.  “Gradual accumulation of aluminum and mercury in the brain leads to cognitive dysfunctions and damage to the brain cells.[1]” Read more

Homeopathic Treatment for Cipro Reaction & Fluoroquinolone Toxicity


I am glad to say that after finishing the homeopathic clearing for Cipro, in addition to my other daily remedies, I feel very well and almost back to normality. So I would like to thank your team for the amazing work you are doing and for preserving this precious and useful knowledge that homeopathy is.

Again, thank you! Regards,

Sergio H, Spain

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Homeo Cipro

Homeopathic Cipro

Homeopathy for Anxiety, Electric Shock Pains and More


My mother in law was having electric shock-like pains shooting up her hand near the root of her thumb. She was also really worried about money and was waking up early in the morning with anxious worried dreams… usually around 5 am or so.

My husband and I have always loved homeopathy and we decided to hit the books first before we called for an appointment. I found what looked like a good match to her symptoms in the homeopathic remedy Conium. I happened to have some in the 30C potency so I mixed one pellet into a ½ oz bottle with distilled water and she had a little sniff before bed for a couple of nights… the first night, she said she woke up at the same time, but went right back to sleep, and has been sleeping through the morning since. AND the pain has all but disappeared in her hands! Three cheers for homeopathy!

Nashville, TN