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Immune System Boosted with Homeopathy

I’ve realized that since I’ve been under homeopathic treatment, which by the way is working for my problems, my immune system has so much improved in general. For the past 4 years, I’ve not gotten my usual colds and flus, which I would have several times a year and every fall and winter.

In the past 3 years, I’ve only gotten sick only once and that was after I went to the dentist and he insisted on giving me multiple x-rays. I had no idea how sick that could make you! Mr. Mueller gave me a clearing remedy for x-ray and boy, I felt SO much better. I feel like my immune system is in top shape now!


Immune System Boosted with Homeopathy

Tips For Keeping Up Your Resistance To Infectious Diseases

These are some tips from Mr. Mueller’s 30+ years of homeopathic study and practice, and more than 200 years of clinical experience and observation by homeopaths from around the world:

1. HEALTH AND DISEASE ARE “ENERGETIC” STATES. Our bodies are regulated and kept in perfect harmony by bio-electromagnetic fields permeating cells and tissues. The body’s energy field is susceptible to contact with outside energetic fields.

For example, physicists have shown that the direction of spin of electromagnetic charges in vacuum determines whether or not exposure to these charges will be beneficial or harmful to health. Other scientists are working on the “memory of water” and have been able to prove that water molecules can take on the vibrational frequency (for better or worse) of things around them. Similarly, we “catch” colds or other communicable disease when our body’s bio-energetic field is too weak to resist the alien electromagnetic frequency of the virus.

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