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Homeopathic Treatment for Psychological Trauma (Car Accident)


One of my clients called very concerned about her parents. They had been involved in a terrible car accident. Although they had not been hurt, not even a scratch, they were suffering from emotional trauma from the experience. I did not have a chance to talk to them directly. But my client got their symptoms as best as she could and related them to me over the phone.

Her mother had been crying incessantly day and night. They both had been without sleep for five days. Her father had also cried when he told the story of the wreck. He had lost his appetite completely and was nervous and jumpy. He felt unable to cope and also complained of a headache that caused him to vomit. They were both fearful and did not dare to get into their car to drive. They felt like their life had been destroyed by the event.

First, I reviewed the physical facts of the accident. The driver of the other car was a young woman who had caused the accident. She had been talking on her cell phone and ran into them as they drove through an intersection. She clipped the edge of their front fender, drove down an embankment at full speed whereby her car turned over. She was badly injured, trapped in her car and screaming with pain. My client’s father tried to help but was unable to get the girl out of the car. He had no choice but to wait for the medics and fire department to use a welding torch to free her. She died on the way to the hospital. Even with their lack of physical injury, the emotional shock had taken its toll on the couple.

I considered the following remedies: Arnica as it is a wonderful remedy for right after an accident, especially if there is shock from physical causes. Emotional shock and fright is often helped by Aconite. However, this was a different situation. It had been several days since the accident and it was the emotions caused by the event that were the source of their trouble.

I decided that Ignatia amara was a good choice for this situation. Ignatia is well suited for ailments resulting from grief, fright and worry – all of which this couple had endured as a result of this accident.

According to the daughter, after a few doses of Ignatia amara in water in the 200C potency, the couple were at ease again and able to sleep through the night.

Car Doors Slam Hard!

hand slammed in door

A few weeks ago, our 6-year old slammed the car door on our 2-1/2 year old son’s hand! OUCH! We were not at home but I always travel with remedies. I immediately gave him one dose of Hypericum perfoliatum 30C in liquid, reasoning that the hand is a nerve-rich area, etc. To my surprise, it didn’t help. To be fair, I waited and observed him a few minutes while he was crying in pain, then I gave him a dose of Arnica montana 30C in water: he calmed down instantly (so much for placebo effect!). I continued Arnica every 15 minutes until we got home an hour later and could assess the situation.

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Healthy Family

My family has been working with you guys for over 8 years now. You have been there for us through some pretty hairy situations – like the 3 am calls for extreme vomiting, an auto accident, a breech birth, two broken bones, a detached retina… and then the usual stuff like chronic constipation and hormonal problems.

I told you I would refer my parents to you. To my dismay, they will not call you (or any homeopath) for treatment for themselves. They may ask me for an occasional remedy, but they balk at the broader notion of homeopathy. Even when the success and proof is right in front of their faces they still deny its results.

It has been both a joy and a blessing to watch the troubles my own little family was having unwind and resolve. Our health has improved, my children perform better in school and sports, my marriage has improved and is rock solid now, and I know so much more about myself than ever before. We would like you and others to know how grateful we are for your services.


Natural Treatment for Burns

Two days ago, my seven-year-old son wrapped his hand around a hot tailpipe of a car. He was in a LOT of pain, and acutely injured. When he came inside to apply tepid water to the burns, all four fingers were swelling, and beginning to blister.  The top of his hand had a line of blisters beginning to form, and most acutely the area between his thumb and index finger was charred. His pinkie showed a charred burn.

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Arnica and Hypericum- standards in everyone’s remedy kit

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve given, recommended or taken Arnica for a bruise, bump, car accident, shock, etc…or Hypericum for every nerve injury, smashed finger, whiplash, tailbone injury, etc…we’d be RICH!! We have countless stories from people using these remedies for home care and many times, avoiding emergency room and other costly doctor visits. Here are two intriguing stories:

Hypericum perfoliatum
Hypericum perfoliatum

“When my son was 8 months old, his father set him on the kitchen counter with his ‘behind’ as far back as possible to the wall, to ensure his safety. Well, my husband stepped to the side to grab an apple to prepare for him and the baby dove HEAD FIRST off the counter onto our Pergo floor!! Oh, my goodness, we were frantic. My husband had the rightness of mind to get the Arnica 30 C (which he had just dissolved in water the day before after slamming his shin into the new trailer hitch on the back of our car!) and held it under the baby’s nose. The color started to return in his face and he started laughing. A few minutes later, he began to get pale again and drowsy looking so we quickly succussed the bottle and let him sniff it again. This happened a few more times, but each time we were able to go longer between doses. After the 5 dose of Arnica, we gave him a dose of Hypericum 30 C since it is a great remedy for injuries to the spinal column (that includes concussions!). We saw further improvement after a few more doses of each remedy over the next 24 hours and by the 2nd day, there was no bruising and certainly no evidence trauma to the head! Phew!!!”  – EC, Durham, NC

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