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A Force to Be Reckoned With

This was excerpted from Mr. Mueller’s President’s message from the American Homeopath, vol 20, 2014. It was his final message, ending his third term as President of the North American Society of Homeopaths from 2005-2014.


It was still quiet on the mountain. The sun was not up yet, and we were moving around the house with the help of night-lights and a very bright LED flashlight. There was no sound until, suddenly, the hooting of an owl.


I was looking out the window. A faint light was now appearing over the black mountains. Several long streaks of what looked like vapor trails from airplanes stretched across the skies. They were just barely visible in the dawning of a new day. I counted nine criss-crossing the whole sky. But unlike vapor trails, or condensation trails, these streaks were lingering, spreading out broadly. By noon they would make for a hazy day, and by tomorrow, it would probably rain again.

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Cellphones are Worsening My Symptoms!

When Mr. Mueller suggested to me that my cell phone could be agitating my severe and chronic health issues, I thought, “Oh no, he’s one of those”… as in “quack”, “woo-woo”, “out in left field”, take your pick.

The following evening, I was having yet again a very severe nightly attack of a tight gripping feeling around my epigastric area. These attacks were so bad that sometimes I felt it would literally “squeeze the life out of me.” I picked up my cell phone to yet again text my daughter, a medical professional, and ask her for advice and to pray. When I picked up my phone, after about 45 seconds into the texting conversation, the squeezing got much worse.

Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 6s

Hmmm, I wondered, “is there any chance that my cell phone is really agitating my chronic issues. I think I will put it down just for tomorrow and see”. So, I did just that. The tight band of squeezing that had been worsening the past six weeks was much less the next day. In fact, it was not there until the late afternoon, and then about 50% reduced. The “attacks” and 24/7 band feeling did not go completely away, but the severity and intensity has been much less since that time. The timing of the worsening of this condition coincided with my recent gifting of a nice I-Phone 6S PLUS, the BIG one. This phone allowed me to lie in bed and read when I could not sleep, and stay in touch with my kids many hours during the day. Read more

Alan Schmukler Interviews Manfred Mueller About Cardiology & Much More

Homeopath and Editor Alan Schmukler Interviewed Manfred Mueller for the May 2016 Cardiology issue of the ezine.


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Drug Induced Heart Disease

AS: Many allopathic drugs have cardiac side effects, ranging from hypotension and palpitation to various arrhythmias. The effects of these drugs can last a long time. How do you approach such iatrogenic ailments?


MM: In fact, one of the most common problems we are facing in clinic today is iatrogenically (drug or doctor) induced illnesses. The list of common medications that cause heart complaints is long, indeed. You could say medications are the number one cause of heart disease today. Antidepressants, like Celexa have been linked to heart disease. Prednisone causes heart attacks. Synthroid causes tachycardia and arrhythmias. Haldol, Zyprex and Seroquel cause heart disease. Pepcid and Zantac cause heart complaints. Beta blockers and Calcium blockers cause heart attacks. Statin drugs, like Lipitor and Zocor, cause heart disease. Hormone replacement medications, like premarin cause cardiovascular disease. Even vaccines and general anesthesia medications can cause atrial fibrillation and induce heart attacks. …not to mention drugs that have already been discontinued, like the NSAID Vioxx and the antihistamine Seldane – both responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people who suffered heart attacks.

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Alternative Health Suggestions for an Aging Brain, Part 2 of 4

Read Alternative Health Suggestions for an Aging Brain, Part 1

Just because something has become commonplace doesn’t mean it’s healthy or good for us.
Ah, part 2 of how to help your aging brain. First, I’m going to recap some of the symptoms of an aging brain, just to get you pumped up and motivated to read what I’m about to present to you today since you probably won’t like it!


Symptoms of an Aging Brain, an incomplete list:

  • Slower comprehension
  • Confusion
  • Difficult concentration
  • Easily distracted
  • Weakness or slowness of memory
  • Cannot remember what you were about to do or say
  • Forgetfulness for short term events
  • Forgetfulness for long term events
  • Lack of or poor focus
  • Short attention span
  • Saying the wrong word or phrase
  • Getting left and right confused
  • Speaking words in the wrong order
  • Garbled speech or thoughts
  • Inability to handle daily tasks such as returning phone calls or emails
  • irritability
  • Mood swings


Remember, these “brain malfunctions” have become so commonplace that many people have come to think of them as normal. We now think it’s “normal” that children, teens and twenty-somethings are showing these symptoms and we laugh when it happens when we should be worrying and looking for causes and solutions. Just because something has become commonplace doesn’t mean it’s healthy or good for us.


Identifying and Removing Wireless Communications

You may be saying, “Yeah, yeah. Mr. Mueller and his staff keep telling me to reduce my exposure to microwave radiation – to get rid of my cell phone, turn off my WIFI and cordless phones,” but you should keep reading this anyway. You may think you have no choices. You may think you can’t do it or live without it. But every little bit of exposure you can reduce WILL help.


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The effect of MRET polymer compound on SAR values of RF phones (cell phones)

COMMENTARY: Water Memory

What you need to know about this study is that it SHOWS THAT THE STRUCTURE OF WATER IS EFFECTED BY THE APPLICATION OF LOW FREQUENCY, NON-COHERENT ELECTROMAGNETIC OSCILLATIONS. This is also proving indirectly the theory of “water memory” which is the dynamic mechanism by which potentized homeopathic remedies work.

While the researchers ADMIT that this “can affect the hydrogen lattice of the molecular structure of water and subsequently modify the electrodynamic properties of water,” They are quick to point out that “the increase of dielectric permittivity of water finally leads to the reduction of the absorption rate of the electromagnetic field by living tissue.”

The authors seem to see no problem with using an electromagnetic field that ALTERS the molecular structure of water in your brain, so long as it REDUCES the specific absorption rate of the EMF’s on the brain! This is essentially “robbing Peter to pay Paul!” Sacrificing YOUR health to make their values look better.

All cell phones emit this type of electromagnetic radiation. This means that ALL CELL PHONES interfere with the structure of the water molecules in your brain and other areas of the body that are exposed to it (like when it’s in your pocket). Any disruption in the normal structure of the water molecules will make them function IMPROPERLY – that means disease, disorders, sickness, symptoms, cancer, etc.

The effect of MRET polymer compound on SAR values of RF phones.

Author information

  • President, Global Quantech, Inc., 391 Avenida La Cuesta, San Marcos, CA 92078, USA.


This article is related to the proposed hypothesis and experimental data regarding the ability of defined polar polymer compound (MRET polymer) applied to RF phones to increase the dielectric permittivity of water based solutions and to reduce the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) values inside the “phantom head” filled with the jelly simulating muscle and brain tissues. Due to the high organizational state of fractal structures of MRET polymer compounds and the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, this polymer generates specific subtle, low frequency, non-coherent electromagnetic oscillations (optimal random field) that can affect the hydrogen lattice of the molecular structure of water and subsequently modify the electrodynamic properties of water. The increase of dielectric permittivity of water finally leads to the reduction of the absorption rate of the electromagnetic field by living tissue. The reduction of SAR values is confirmed by the research conducted in June – July of 2006 at RF Exposure Laboratory in Escondido, California. This test also confirmed that the application of MRET polymer to RF phones does not significantly affect the air measurements of RF phone signals, and subsequently does not lead to any significant distortion of transmitted RF signals.

[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
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Diverse biological effects of electromagnetic-treated water

Tips For Keeping Up Your Resistance To Infectious Diseases

These are some tips from Mr. Mueller’s 30+ years of homeopathic study and practice, and more than 200 years of clinical experience and observation by homeopaths from around the world:

1. HEALTH AND DISEASE ARE “ENERGETIC” STATES. Our bodies are regulated and kept in perfect harmony by bio-electromagnetic fields permeating cells and tissues. The body’s energy field is susceptible to contact with outside energetic fields.

For example, physicists have shown that the direction of spin of electromagnetic charges in vacuum determines whether or not exposure to these charges will be beneficial or harmful to health. Other scientists are working on the “memory of water” and have been able to prove that water molecules can take on the vibrational frequency (for better or worse) of things around them. Similarly, we “catch” colds or other communicable disease when our body’s bio-energetic field is too weak to resist the alien electromagnetic frequency of the virus.

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Cellphone dangers – Part 1