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Free Acute Homeopathic Materia Medica (downloadable)

Homeopathic Remedy Kit
Homeopathic Self Care Remedy Kit

Download homeopath Manfred Mueller’s free Acute Homeopathic Materia Medica.

Contains 49 of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for acute/emergency treatment; Principles of Healing; Homeopathic definitions, homeopathic antidotes, how to make and take remedies; and how to repotentize a homeopathic remedy.

Broken Wrist Treated with Homeopathy

Just 5 weeks ago I fell off a ladder onto some concrete steps resulting in a cut over my eyebrow, bruised ribs and a compound fracture of my right wrist. From the beginning, my wrist looked terribly distorted, and I knew right away it was broken. I called Homeopathic Associates right after I sat up from the fall, and found out which acute remedies I needed. I got someone to make up those remedies and started taking them immediately. In fact, my 88 yr old Dad gave me a dose of Arnica 30C before I even got up off the ground!


I found out I had to have surgery to put in a plate in order for it to heal properly, but the surgery wasn’t scheduled for 10 days. I had a splint, but no cast. I took my homeopathic remedies faithfully every half hour at the first twinges of discomfort and I kept waiting for the “real” pain to start. I hardly had any pain whatsoever—before or after the surgery. I was prescribed heavy-duty pain medications (oxycodone and hydrocodone) by the urgent care doc and the surgeon, but did not take nor did I need any of them.

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Healing the Sting of Cupid’s Arrow: How Homeopathy Can Help

Not everyone is happy on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes relationships come to a sudden end, feelings can get hurt, hearts may break. Read on for some homeopathic (alternative health) solutions…


  1. For sadness resulting from romantic disappoints and for ailments from love-sickness, try Ignatia amara.
  2. When you have been slighted or rejected by a romantic “hopeful”, a dose of Palladium may set you straight.
  3. When you are “in the dumps,” lonely or feeling forsaken by your friends, Pulsatilla may come in handy.
  4. When a relationship becomes rocky and you feel a sense of anger or mortification by something your loved one has said or done, a dose of Staphysagria may work better than a stiff drink!
  5. If you have been out of “the dating game” for too long because you have never gotten over your last relationship, Natrum muriaticum may give you a new lease on life.
  6. For those who have tragically lost their true love and may even feel like joining them (suicidal), Aurum metallicum can heal their wounds.


As you can see, homeopathy has a specific remedy for each of these circumstances and the varied emotions these situations bring with them. Conventional medicine would probably prescribe antidepressants (i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRI’s) to suppress unpleasant, but real feelings. SSRI’s work by flooding the brain with the “feel good” neurotransmitter serotonin creating a false “high”.

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Eczema & Cough in infant, cured with homeopathy!

Female, 5 months old, began with a moderate eczema, all over her

Cradle cap, Seborrheic dermatitis

head which looked like cradle cap (Seborrheic dermatitis) (see example picture). In the past, her mom tried the homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica which kept the cradle cap at bay- until this illness occurred. With the development of the sniffles, the eczema spread to her face- was red, raised, itching and scaling. Two weeks later, her sister, mom and other family members became sick with colds and coughs and after several weeks, she too began to cough. It was a harsh sounding, hacking, non-productive cough. We began with Bryonia and within an hour, the cough was almost totally gone and by the next dose it never returned. The next day, her mom called back and reported the eczema was still inflamed and red- she wanted to know if we could help with it, too. Sulphur seemed the best remedy and when she took a dose of the 30C potency in water, she had dramatic improvement. After several repeated doses, she switched to the 1Q potency, daily for 10 days. Since then, the eczema/cradle cap has not returned.


infant eczema

Sensitivity in Teeth and Chalazion resolved with homeopathy!

Female, 62, had extensive restorative dental work done on the left side of her mouth including 1 crown, 3 partial crowns (all redone with porcelain) and 5 amalgam replacements (with composite fillings). In the first few weeks she noticed some fatigue and aching which soon resolved. However, sensitivity on the left side in her teeth did not immediately resolve and persisted over the next several weeks at which time she called for help. Lachesis seemed to fit the symptoms best and quickly resolved the sensitivity while at the same time, improved the overall outlook of the patient (according to reports from close family members).

The same 62-year-old female called several weeks later with a

chalazion, stye

“chalazion” on her lower left eyelid. This “stye” like inflammation (see example picture on left) was a little larger than a lentil and causing irritation and sensitivity to touch as it became progressively larger. With no other symptoms to go by, Hypericum was prescribed daily for 10 days and within a few days, the chalazion was noticeably shrunken, and had completely resolved before the 10 days were done.

The first two cases are very interesting in that the acute remedy also happened to be a deeper constitutional remedy that was needed on a chronic basis in both situations. It is common to see when a person is not using constitutional treatment on an on-going basis that sooner or later, less severe, but often annoying symptoms of the remedy most prominently needed will often appear when the person becomes weakened in some way, such as in an acute infection, with extra stress or after extensive dental work.

Uh Oh! He swallowed a Quarter! How homeopathy helped ease a child’s crisis

Has your child ever swallowed a foreign object? Chances are, the answer is yes! Perhaps it was a coin, a marble, a toy, a paperclip, a magnet, a battery, or a pen cap. Hopefully, there were no problems, and the object came out as it should. I would like to share with you what happened when our 3½-year-old boy swallowed a quarter and how we used homeopathy to help.


Some background

When a child swallows a foreign object, the first concern is whether the object will safely go down the esophagus—or get stuck in the airway, which can be life-threatening. Our son Fritz had been putting random things in his mouth since babyhood—usually a toy, the corner of a book, a spoon, his fingers, your fingers! But on this day, he’d found a quarter lying on the floor and was mouthing it. I had caught him doing this several times in the past with smaller coins, and I had immediately taken them from him. I had also tried to “educate” him about not putting coins and metal in his mouth. He had never swallowed any of these things before though, so I wasn’t overly concerned.


Then it happened…

I was downstairs folding laundry when I heard our 8-year-old daughter’s blood-curdling scream, “MOOOMMM! Fritz has swallowed a quarter!!!” I immediately jumped up knowing that a quarter is fairly large for a 3-year-old to swallow. My first thoughts were to make sure he was breathing. Well, he was. In fact, he was walking down the stairs as I was coming up to him. I could hear swallowing and gulping sounds in addition to little wincing noises—the quarter was apparently stuck in the back of his throat. Read more

Homeopathic treatment for exposure to cold

My kids and I went to the beach one winter break to just get away. My son loved to skim board (just surf on the edge of the water). A friend suggested that I rent a wet suit so that he could do it in the cold weather as that’s what the surfers do.  The only part we neglected was surf gear for his feet!  So he went surfing and the next day when he went to go again, my son developed a headache and wanted to go back to the beach house.  Shortly thereafter he developed a fever.

Being long-time clients of homeopathy and Mr. Mueller, we  first gave him a call. He suggested Hepar Sulfuris because of the exposure to cold, then we went to Bryonia and that did the trick. It took about a day and a half. But my son was back in shape in no time. Bryonia has been a key acute remedy for my son when he’s battling something.  I note at the first hint of a headache to give that to my son and usually there is no disruption in his world. Mr. Mueller is awesome and helping us keep the sickies away!

Raleigh, NC, USA

Homeopathic Treatment for Braces Pain

Many years ago, I, too, fell prey to the promise that orthodontic science could give me a beautiful new smile. During my high-school years, I was fitted with a mouth-full of lovely metal braces. Back then, the only option my orthodontist gave me was metal brackets mounted on the front of my teeth…and let’s not talk about rubber bands, spacers, expanders and retainers!

A Pain In The…Face!

These days, there are many more options to move those pearly-whites into a more pleasing alignment. No matter what kind you get – braces, retainers, “invis-align”, etc, – teeth repositioning can be very painful.

When my orthodontist first installed my braces, my teeth were terribly sore. This soreness is caused by an inflammatory response by your body to a perceived trauma, i.e. unnaturally moving your teeth with braces. My teeth became so sore that I could barely swallow liquids the first day after installation. I was unable to brush my teeth for several days and was on a liquid diet for almost a week! Every “adjustment” (where they tighten your braces) caused enough pain for me to resort to taking painkillers like Tylenol (Acetaminophen, Paracetamol) and Motrin (Ibuprofen). Read more

Homeopathic Treatment for Shortness of Breath

blotchy face

Francois, my 10 year old son, would become winded quickly doing any kind of physical activity, but he’d really push his limits without thinking, too. He’d run and jump at top speed in the summer heat and end up with an alarmingly blotchy face which would be yellow and purple-red along with the shortness of breath. The yellow discoloration really worried me.

Having studied homeopathic materia medica on my own, I found some matches for that symptom and for a couple of other little symptoms he was having in Nux vomica. We gave him Nux vomica 30C after an hour at the park, and then before going to the park next the time we gave him another dose preventatively… This time, no yellow blotches AND he was managing his energy better. It only took a couple more doses and we haven’t seen any sign of yellow or purple blotches since then, under the same conditions :)

Perpignan, France

Homeopathic Treatment For Seasonal Allergies


Homeopathy has many solutions to offer allergy sufferers! Whether yours are seasonal or chronic, you may wish to try safe and effective homeopathic treatment for allergies that is free from harmful side effects. If you cannot find a homeopath nearby to work with, remember, we work over the phone!

  1. Homeopathic Combination Remedies –While scoffed at by many professional homeopaths, they may afford the allergy sufferer a bit of relief. Made from a mixture of the most common remedies that seem to work for a particular condition, e.g. hayfever, allergies, headaches, insomnia, etc., they aim to offer a broad range of sufferers relief, rather than offering targeted, specific relief to the person based on their individual symptoms, as a single homeopathically prescribed remedy would. These remedies are readily available at most health food stores and even at some pharmacies. They are safe and free from side effects and should be tried first before resorting to more heroic measures—drug like Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin and other common suppressive antihistimine drugs (which are full of unwanted and harmful side effects and which can cause more serious health problems down the road).
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